Anxiety Attack warning signs: I can definitely relate to this, panic attacks come in different forms.


  1. YES! This is some of what I exhibit with my anxiety. I didn’t know that zoning out was one of them until I saw this! I usually exhibit all of these at one point or another. It sucks that a lot of people don’t understand what is going on. Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

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  2. Ahaha moment!!!! I have many several issues, have had most my life, sadly 2 of my grandsons have the itchy tag, weird cloth problem too. We have anxiety that some days we just want the world to go away. Sadly the have multiple other serious issues. But now I understand to some degree the “can’t stand the feel” of some things. Can’t stand so much noise from so many directions. My youngest grandson (24) wears earphone to his ipod in one ear all the time so he can cope. You have given me much helpful info, thank you! I hope life can/will improve for you, you have my respect for how you handle your challenges. Brenda Magna, UT, USA

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    1. Thanks for your comment! Sorry to hear about your 2 grandsons – but its great you are coming to terms with how they may feel and tolerate sensory things. Your youngest grandson’s coping method sounds very clever I might have to try it too! Not a problem I’m glad I am able to give some hopefully useful info. Aww thank you very much I hope so too – that means a lot to me so thank you. Emily


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