SPD Book Review! 

I was very fortunate to be sent a copy of ‘Max and Me, a story about sensory processing’ to read and then review. It was written by Ines Lawlor and illustrated by Blanca Molto.

Here is my review:

Max and Me, A Story about Sensory Processing” is a book about a boy who has sensory processing disorder. It follows his journey of starting school and how it gets harder and harder to cope with everything overwhelming his senses constantly. The book enables whoever is reading it to get a feel of what it is like inside the boy’s mind and experience how much his modulator, Max, has to process all the boy’s sensory information 24/7! Max has to make sense of all this information in order for the boy’s body to work properly and for him to be happy.

It is a beautifully written book that highlights how much really goes on in the mind of people who have SPD like myself. It actually made me realise how much my modulator must have to deal with everyday! The book is written in a simple and engaging way that is suitable for children as well as teenagers, parents, carers, siblings and teachers (there really is no age limit!). The illustrations are captivating and I loved the little blank sections, for example, that prompted you to draw what you thought your own modulator looked like! I can see this as a book that could refer back to often even though it is primarily for children who are starting school.”

The review will be up on the books website (mymodulator.com) and if you want to read more about the book or SPD check out the books Facebook page too!

4 thoughts on “SPD Book Review! 

  1. What a wonderful sounding book. My son was recently diagnosed, but he is hyporeactive. But I know that could chage at any time so I will keep this book in my reading list for sure for when school comes around. Thank you for sharing!

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