First Instincts…

I do love animals. They don’t judge you. For example my dog doesn’t judge me when I’m in a hyper mood and bouncing around or I’m talking to myself. He doesn’t tell me to shut up when I’m crying (although he does look at me oddly sometimes). He knows when I’m not myself and will come and sit next to me (mainly for pats) and I can approach my dog whenever, whatever and give him a quick hug and pat.

Now people…they are a different story altogether.

They judge and look at me instantly if I’m in a weird mood, if I cry and can’t help it, if I’m not myself and can’t function properly. I find people so hard to judge and I am so self conscious in front of anyone that I don’t know I go into panic mode. Also I have to constantly explain myself and my problems to every new person I meet when I can’t cope and they look at me oddly I have to explain. It’s a nightmare even telling the doctors I see about SPD nobody has ever heard of it. But animals don’t require an explain action from me. They are always there and loving and they are way wayyy more approachable and have such a care free and easy going attitude – hence why I found the image above so brilliant.

I know I have put been posting as much as I did over summer but I’m definitely going to keep blogging as regularly as possible. I’m in my third and final year at uni and the work load is just kicking in! 😉 I’m finding it a nightmare to concentrate in class at the moment as all 20 of us work in one studio and there are loads of conversations and clashing music going on 24/7. Wish I could wear my ear defenders in class like I do at home when I do my uni work. I’m not sure I could deal with the stares and questions though 😔

7 thoughts on “First Instincts…

  1. How about some small ear plugs that go inside your ears? Some musicians use them to prevent ear damage playing lots of gigs. If anyone notices you could just say you’ve got sensitive ears. Good luck with the studies.

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  2. I have foam ear plugs – it is enough to stop a lot of the noise, but not so bad that you can’t hear what people are saying:-)

    Remind me what degree you are taking? I am in the third year of my English degree (I am a mature student).

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