It’s hard to cope…

I feel a little bit like this. I just want everyone else to be happy – I love making other people happy. I find it harder to feel happy and when I do it comes in short bursts. I’ve been overthinking things lately without meaning to its almost like my mind naturally goes into overdrive and I can’t calm it down.

I’m also feeling more overwhelmed sensory wise at the moment. Like noises, lights, smells, etc have been super irritating me to the point they affect my mood.

I get horrible episodes of feeling low and upset and feeling worthless and abnormal. But I know it will eventually pass it’s just draining to have SPD and anxiety. My family and friends get frustrated when I can’t explain how I am feeling especially if I am crying.

Im hoping these thoughts and feelings will eventually pass or improve. It’s just hard to cope in the meantime…

4 thoughts on “It’s hard to cope…

  1. It’s good to put it out there and share. I’m sure many people recognise that feeling from time to time but perhaps don’t understand when it’s more frequent. Trying to explain yourself must be nearly impossible.
    Hooray for having some time on your own or out in nature. My SPD boy has a giant cardboard box he climbs into now and then! Sometimes I wish there was room for me too.
    Be kind to yourself :).

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  2. My son is much like you in this way. I appreciate your putting this into words because at twelve years old, my son can’t. It helps me understand him better, and lately, he’s been having a tough time. I am noticing that when we have a new moon, he is affected by it and gets a bit more disregulated and out of balance. Hang in there.

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  3. You sound so much like me! I always spend so much time and effort making other people happy even when I’m completely miserable. Also I am extremely oversensitive to things like sounds, smells, lights… smells are the worst- I go completely nuts if I’m around someone who uses dryer sheets or anywhere with glade pug-ins! It definitely gets extremely hard to cope sometimes for me too- sorry for your struggle!

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