I’m tired 😴

Does anyone else get tired really easily? Doesn’t matter if I get up at 7am or 11.30am Im still super tired and could easily go back to bed. Im just finishing one project at uni and about to start another one the week after next. Im also researching for my dissertation at the same time – this can be quite hard juggling two things at once but I try and prioritise what needs doing and when. Im finding writing to-do lists super helpful as they clear my mind and I can visually see what needs doing and when. I’ve been more easily overwhelmed sensory-wise at the moment and it only takes something small to stress me out which is difficult. Im finding noises difficult to deal with at the moment e.g loud conversations in class, loud sudden noises, loud music, sudden fireworks outside (made me jump the other day!).

I’ve recently been put on medication to help my hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) as I’ve been having night sweats for months and I’m always super sweaty during the day for no apparent reason…hoping it will kick in and help soon!

How’s everyone else managing through October? Don’t forget if you are in the UK the clocks go back tomorrow! (Sunday 25.10.15)

5 thoughts on “I’m tired 😴

  1. I also get tired easily. Good luck with your dissertation and other projects!

    I’m struggling a little with the transition between seasons and have been getting easily overwhelmed lately. I’ve felt generally better this week, though, and hope that I can get more organized so I can work on projects of my own.

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