Dyslexic at uni & work

Being dyslexic at uni:

This pretty much sums it up ^ I have a dyslexia tutor who I see usually weekly at uni to help with my written work such as essays, etc. However in class or in a lecture it’s more difficult. I always either use my dictaphone or iPhone to record a lecture or presentation as my mind is like a sieve – I have poor memory and information never seems to stick! I also find written handouts hard to understand – I have processing difficulties down to my SPD which means I sometimes don’t understand what a question is asking me to do. I re-read the question again and again (this happened a lot in exams in secondary school) and I couldn’t understand what the question wanted me to do. It helped to underline key words in the question so I could kind of try to answer it.

Being dyslexic at work:

I’m a receptionist. Which is fine apart from the fact that I cannot for the life of me pronounce customers names or surnames and I can’t write them down properly which is embarassing. I also find it hard to write down telephone numbers as people reel them off so quickly so I have to repeat the number back to them to check its right. I’m open at work about being dyslexic but colleagues still laugh at me or constantly correct me which wears me down a bit. Simple things like I muddle my p’s and q’s around as I think they look the same or I will forget which way round they go.

Any top tips for dyslexic people? Comment below ☺️

3 thoughts on “Dyslexic at uni & work

  1. I don’t have dyslexia, but I do use a dictaphone so I can take note if my brain is overcrowded.


  2. Dyslexic here! Never diagnosed. Didn’t realize it until a few years back. Just plowed my way through school the best I could! I would write everything I possibly could that the teacher was saying. Key words and dates specifically. It would wind up looking like a hot mess, but I’ve read that why that helps so much is that the process of forming letters on paper helps to solidify the information in the brain. You’ll basically remember twice as much just from writing it down, without ever even looking at it again. But I found that later, if I did look back and my notes, it helped jog my memory even further! I’m not sure if typing has the same effect, but that’s probably what I’d do if I went back to school now, because I can type faster than I can write and my notes would be far easier to read if they were typed rather than chicken-scratched 😉

    I wish I had advice about reading more smoothly. I can read novels easily enough, but textbooks confound me. I wind up reading the same sentence half a dozen times. It’s maddening. I managed to get by with just skimming most of my textbooks, although I wouldn’t recommend that!

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  3. Have you looked into visual stress? I was diagnosed with it last year and it explains a lot. Such as why I couldn’t revise from printed handouts. At college I would always write all handouts out in my own hand writing and then I could learn things very quickly. Also why when I read books etcI don’t take in any information at all because I am so stressed reading them as they are blurry and I have to focus on each word. Very tiring and caused me severe migraines. Things have improved for me since this diagnosis. I have overlays, coloured glasses and I change the page colour in MS Word so it is easier for me to read/type.

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