Forever forgetting…

So I’m on three different medications at the moment and I decided that enough was enough. I had to invest in a pill reminder app on my phone. I was constantly forgetting to take them at the different times of day and I needed something to prompt me daily so I didn’t forget. I downloaded ‘Pill Reminder’ from the Apple Store straight onto my iPhone. It’s a great little app and you can set a colour to each medicine which helps me to visually separate them from each other. You can even set a photo, number of days, time to take the medicine daily and have an alert sound to remind you too. I’ve been much more organised because of this app…although I forgot to take one of my medicines this morning by mistake as my reminder is set at 9am. So it reminded me when I got to work to take my medicine. Not so great…just don’t tell my mum 😉

2 thoughts on “Forever forgetting…

  1. What an excellent app. I took medication every day for nearly 10 years, and I STILL forgot it at the drop of a hat. You’d think it would have been part of my routine, but it either has to be obnoxiously in my way where I can see it, or I need an alarm screaming at me (which I have been known to ignore unless I change the tone occasionally).

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