Holidays are coming… *sighs*

I like the idea of Christmas but Christmas just doesn’t agree with me or my SPD. I’ve just had a final deadline at uni and I have to write my dissertation over the Christmas holidays. That’s all fine…

What isn’t fine is that my weekly routine of going to uni has stopped. I hate changes in routine as it messes with my mind and my emotions seem to go into overdrive. I’m like this whenever there are holidays and I have free time.
Christmas is also the noisiest, busiest, and most family and relative-interacting time of the year.

What’s painful:

  1. Kisses – always awkward, I tend to go the wrong way and you have to make fake ‘mwah’ noises. Ugh.
  2. Chit chat – I can never seem to tune in to the right conversations. If someone is talking to me in a noisy environment I tend to zone out and I can’t listen to the person who is talking to me. This is weird and super tiring.
  3. Food – I find eating new stuff hard so I always stick to stuff I know.
  4. Surprises – don’t get me started on them. NOT A FAN at all.
  5. Alcohol – Everyone expects you to drink wine, champagne, bucks fizz, etc but I’d rather have a cup of tea!
  6. Dressing up – Tis the season of parties and dresses….which I find difficult. I just don’t feel at home in a dress.

What I do like though is that I get to spend more time with my family and boyfriend. Im definitely more easily overwhelmed sensory-wise in the holiday season but I love being outside and wrapped up and going for walks.

I think I’m going to start a body brushing schedule/regime (if you google the walberg brushing protocol its along those lines) with my OT brush which I have found before helps keep my sensory needs under control and stops me having so many meltdowns.

Anyway everybody keep calm and…

Do you find the christmas season hard to deal with? Any top tips?

One of My Little Quirks: I Hate Surprises

OMG I HATE SURPRISES TOO. Nobody seems to understand why but anything surprise (how little or big) sends me into a sensory meltdown or cause overwhelming emotions!

Maybe Autism Explains It All

Photo by Stefano Mortellaro via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons.Photo by Stefano Mortellaro via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons.

It was hard to find a relevant picture for this post that didn’t creep me out. Pictures of surprise parties? No thank you. So please enjoy the above photo of a surprised-looking cat. Thank you for understanding.

I hate surprise parties. I hate surprises of almost every kind. Please, please don’t surprise me. I will probably not react the way you’re hoping I will, and it will ruin everyone’s fun.

My mom loves surprising people, but she has learned not to try it with me, because it’s the reaction she loves, and I do not provide an acceptable one. If I enter a room and the lights go on and people yell surprise, I will probably jump back (possibly injuring myself in the process), then stand there like a deer caught in the headlights, and then vomit. Not exactly a…

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One of My Work Meltdowns

A very open blog post on what it is like to experience a meltdown at work..writing like this must have been so hard but it helps to explain sensory overload so well.

Maybe Autism Explains It All

Business FurniturePhoto by bfi Business Furniture Inc. Used under Creative Commons.

A work meltdown I had several years ago was the result of a culmination of a number of factors.

  1. There was a bad smell in the building that had been making me gag. I mentioned it to my boss, who mentioned it to the janitor, who apparently tried to eliminate it, but I could still smell it. No one else could smell it, so I was treated like it was all in my head. I plugged in an air freshener near my desk (perhaps that was too presumptuous of me, but I was the only one who worked in that area; everyone else had their own office), and that helped, but in my absence it was removed. I casually mentioned to my boss that my air freshener had gone missing. He told me he had removed it because it bothered his sinuses…

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Special occasions are hard…

Special occasions are hard. I find Birthdays (even if it’s not mine) parties and Christmas time are generally quite hard to deal with.

  1. Special occasions are always so overwhelming and noisy.
  2. Lots of people lots of kisses and awkward hugs and I never know how to react…
  3. Small talk. Nightmare. Never know what to say and I can’t think because it’s so loud with other people having conversations.
  4. People like to do ‘special things’ like outings on their birthdays. This is hard for me. I just don’t understand this. I hate the attention being on me even though it’s only for a’s so difficult. I’d much rather have a quiet day!
  5. And generally it’s such a tiring time of year…(for me anyway!)

It’s my sisters 18th tomorrow – and of course I’m happy for her and it’s awesome – but it involves spending the day out and about and going to London for the day as well as eating out somewhere new ( I got the day of work too). This is something I don’t want to complain about as it ruins my families day but different changes in environments, especially busy ones, are so overwhelming. 😱

Anyone else find this time of year overwhelming sensory-wise? Got any good coping methods? Why not share them in the comments below 😉

Coping techniques

Love this post! Very helpful ☺️

I wrote last week about my meltdowns. Today I want to discuss my coping techniques and not all of them involve Suki tea. Although it is one of my best ways to relax in a big teapot of lemon tea.

  1. I write in my big black book. I have a black journal I keep for writing down all my bad emotions so that I can talk them through with someone when I am ready and calm enough to do so.
  2. I drink inordinate amounts of tea. Now I don’t recommend keeping a kettle upstairs but seeing as that’s where my office is. I have a kettle and my teapot on standby all the time ready to brew whenever I really need to decompress.
  3. I sing and dance like no one can see me nor hear me. Yep, all those teenybopper tunes the ones the, me behind JOAG says she hates to…

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