Coping techniques

Love this post! Very helpful ☺️

I wrote last week about my meltdowns. Today I want to discuss my coping techniques and not all of them involve Suki tea. Although it is one of my best ways to relax in a big teapot of lemon tea.

  1. I write in my big black book. I have a black journal I keep for writing down all my bad emotions so that I can talk them through with someone when I am ready and calm enough to do so.
  2. I drink inordinate amounts of tea. Now I don’t recommend keeping a kettle upstairs but seeing as that’s where my office is. I have a kettle and my teapot on standby all the time ready to brew whenever I really need to decompress.
  3. I sing and dance like no one can see me nor hear me. Yep, all those teenybopper tunes the ones the, me behind JOAG says she hates to…

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