Holidays are coming… *sighs*

I like the idea of Christmas but Christmas just doesn’t agree with me or my SPD. I’ve just had a final deadline at uni and I have to write my dissertation over the Christmas holidays. That’s all fine…

What isn’t fine is that my weekly routine of going to uni has stopped. I hate changes in routine as it messes with my mind and my emotions seem to go into overdrive. I’m like this whenever there are holidays and I have free time.
Christmas is also the noisiest, busiest, and most family and relative-interacting time of the year.

What’s painful:

  1. Kisses – always awkward, I tend to go the wrong way and you have to make fake ‘mwah’ noises. Ugh.
  2. Chit chat – I can never seem to tune in to the right conversations. If someone is talking to me in a noisy environment I tend to zone out and I can’t listen to the person who is talking to me. This is weird and super tiring.
  3. Food – I find eating new stuff hard so I always stick to stuff I know.
  4. Surprises – don’t get me started on them. NOT A FAN at all.
  5. Alcohol – Everyone expects you to drink wine, champagne, bucks fizz, etc but I’d rather have a cup of tea!
  6. Dressing up – Tis the season of parties and dresses….which I find difficult. I just don’t feel at home in a dress.

What I do like though is that I get to spend more time with my family and boyfriend. Im definitely more easily overwhelmed sensory-wise in the holiday season but I love being outside and wrapped up and going for walks.

I think I’m going to start a body brushing schedule/regime (if you google the walberg brushing protocol its along those lines) with my OT brush which I have found before helps keep my sensory needs under control and stops me having so many meltdowns.

Anyway everybody keep calm and…

Do you find the christmas season hard to deal with? Any top tips?

4 thoughts on “Holidays are coming… *sighs*

  1. Yah, I’m not looking forward to it, myself. Everything gets worse for me, when I’m tired, and few things tire me more than the constant holiday “cheer”. Good grief. If our economy is so pitiful, that it requires four weeks of unmitigated greed and compulsive acquisition, maybe we should just go back to hunting and gathering.

    Getting more rest, passing on all the parties, getting more rest, eating right, making sure to keep taking my B-Complex and Vitamin D, becoming fanatical about my routine and defending it with my life — that’s how I plan to spend my holidays.

    Good luck to you.

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  2. This time of year is always tough for my sensory daughter. I think the drying of the skin works against her as well. She hates using lotion, but is okay with the lotion bars I made for her. I try to include an everyday dinner favorite in the holiday meal at Thanksgiving so she’ll eat, and Christmas dinner is always something non-traditional like pizza. Maybe you could bring one of your favorites to the gatherings, or if your mom is doing the cooking, she’d make one for you?

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  3. Definitely agree with you especially about the chit chat and the food! I would have to add for myself having to deal with people using fabric softeners and perfumes, and not being able to just run out of the room like you can do with strangers!

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