Always on edge.

Anyone else always feel on edge? I will always feel on edge when I’m out an about whether I’m on my own or with family or friends. Im just super – dooper aware of my surroundings. I go into like a panic mode and get cold sweats and awful nerves and can’t think properly. Its very annoying. Because so much is going on inside my head such as panicking, anxiety and all my sensory problems I tend to tune out of conversations. Completeley. Especially if people are talking to each other across me or at a table I just switch off.

I find in busy and loud environments I loose my senses literally. Like I don’t hear conversations, I can eat but can’t tell if I’m full or not as its too noisy (weird huh?) and I become over-reactive and irritable when people touch or brush against me. Its very tiring to be constantly aware of your environment because it changes depending on where you are and it happens sub-consciously without me thinking!

Does anyone else get these sensations or losses of sensation?

2 thoughts on “Always on edge.

  1. You are not alone in that, I find myself the same way. I’m always on edge in public. I’m always aware of anyone and anything when I’m out. I need to make sure I know where the exits are a sit with my back against the wall. It can be quite tiring.

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