Please can you vote for me?


So I am entered in the #UKBlogAwards

Here’s a bit more about them:

‘The UK Blog Awards has been created to recognise true viral style and creative excellence across a variety of 16 UK industries…The UK Blog Awards are not just another Awards evening, but the chance to be acknowledged and recognised as a true knowledge provider within your industry and provide a unique opportunity to promote yourself to other Blogging professionals and organisations. The awards are more than an event, but a digital outreach platform…’

Voting started from Jan 4th at midnight and run until 29th Jan. Im entered in the Health and Social category and Lifestyle category too (when voting theres a drop down menu where you can vote for me in both categories at the same time!)

You can also vote daily for me (even with the same email address)  Although I know thats a lot to ask! 🙂  Heres my link:

Thank you in advance! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter:

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