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 So this post is kinda late. But I wanted to do a post explaining how the start of the year and also certain days of the week always affects my SPD.

I hate hate hate with a passion January 1st. Every year I’ve always found it so overwhelming like its a fresh start and I always cry and get upset for the first few days in January. Before I started working part time at the weekends I used to depise Sundays. It’s not even because I’m worrying about Monday – I secretly adore Monday’s as routine kicks back in then and I can look forward to uni and structured days.

I know I’m bad when it comes to holidays but thats because it’s so much free and unstructured time. If I’m not productive I feel like I’ve wasted a day and I get quite upset and frustrated. I know it sounds quite OCD-like but I do have mild OCD that almost flares up sometimes!

Does anybody else not like a certain day or the week or time of day? How do you cope with holidays and unstructured time? Let me know in the comments below ☺️

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14 thoughts on “Days of the week 📝

  1. Interesting. My seems to have much easier days on school days. I think he knows exactly what is going to happen and what is expected of him every minute of the day and that helps keep him at ease. There are very little surprises or unknowns. Maybe during weekends or holidays a routine still needs to be kept as much as possible. It’s hard to have a routine with so many random family activities, but some kind of routine might help. Like every morning and every evening start and end the day the same each day. Something for us to think about. Our son actually does pretty well with unstructured time as long as he is left alone and aloud to be in control of the time

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    1. Thats exactly what I mean – uni gives me structure and I know what Im doing each day but days off I still need that routine in my life. Your son sounds like he copes super well. I also find being left alone to structure and control my time definitely helps. Thank you for commenting 🙂


  2. I do bad in October and March, not really sure why. I just know most my psych hospitalizations happen in those months or the months surrounding them. I also dislike school breaks because of the lack of structure and days seem to merge into each other.

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    1. Its interesting to hear those months are worse then other but its okay not to know why. Im sorry to hear about your hospitalisation, I feel exactly the same – I just can’t manage with the lack if structure on breaks!


  3. Sorry to hear that you dislike Jan 1st! I’m terrible with holidays as well for pretty much the same reasons… unstructured time is a killer. I don’t hate any particular days but the 2.5 days a week that I work are hard as my anxiety is flared up by it. I hope I become better at dealing with holidays ASAP. Much love! x

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    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment 🙂 Unstructured time is such a killer isn’t it! Im sorry to hear about your anxiety flaring up. I can totally relate to that as my anxiety is worst when I’m at work and I get flustered so easily. I hope to get better at dealing with holidays too – heres hoping! x

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  4. Hello!
    I don’t usually feel bad during a particular month, but I do get frustrated and completely lost whenever my routine is disturbed. I also don’t feel productive on those days and still haven’t figured out a way to cope with that.
    For the Holidays, as long as everything’s planned, I feel ok, but still a bit stressed of all of the socializing.

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    1. Its nice to hear from someone who understands how disrupting routine can really affect a person. I hate not being or feeling productive – holidays are always naturally stressful I think!


  5. Thanks for sharing something so personal. I’ve actually been going through something similar but milder. In the run up to end of Nov and December it got busy for me due to my wedding and Christmas. I was super productive and most importantly motivated to do everything I can and do it well – which worked out great. As soon as the wedding was over, the mini honeymoon flew by and Christmas hit I started to watch more TV, laze around and I simply can’t be bothered to do anything, like blogging, I like my crafts and writing too. I’d say I have a love hate relationship with Mondays too haha I love the routine but at the same time it’s scazy that not much has changed.

    I’m naturally a positive person but have found that this routine-less phase has thrown me off. The way I’m hoping to get back into things is by tweaking my lifestyle – I guess with my new job and marriage it hit me all at around the same time so just need to ensure that I get back into exercising, eating right and figuring out what I want in life. I really hope that you find your ‘mojo’ and don’t get upset – I was wondering whether my bad moods could be due to the lack of sunlight because I’ve heard of that. Maybe a holiday will put things right?

    Thanks for sharing again and sorry for rambling on.

    Alina from The Fairytale Pretty Picture


    1. Hi Alina! Thanks very much for commenting and congratulations on getting married! Yeah I get what you mean going from being super productive to having so much free unstructured time around Christmas is something I find super hard. I looooooove routine its what keeps me going 🙂 its great that you are a naturally positive person – I can definitely relate to not having a routine and being all thrown-off! I think its great you’ve been able to cope with two big life events so well I mean getting married and having a new job is amazing! Thank you, I hope I do too…Im not a natural sun lover, and hate going on holiday is the only problem which doesn’t help. Im getting better at holidays I just hate going abroad, I guess I’m funny that way! No you aren’t rambling and all and its super lovely to hear from you. Love your blog by the way 😀


  6. I find myself very overwhelmed whenever we are going to do something out of the ordinary-we recently went to a waterpark for the weekend and i was surprisingly calm. Usually trips make me get all out of whack and It ends up in me crying, yelling, and very stressed out. Winter is also hard for me.. i feel so cooped up.

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    1. Im exactly the same – doing something out of the ordinary is something that will make me upset and be overwhelmed/make me have a meltdown. Thats awesome that you were so calm despite the change in what you were doing – you should be proud of yourself. I find winter a bit like that too…


  7. Absolutely. I am EXACTLY the same. I hate new year’s eve too. I get sooooo anxious and I hate that it’s the ‘end’ of a year. I’m 40 now and I still experience the anxiety, but I have found coping strategies to try and make it not so bad. I really struggle with unstructured days and changes of routine, for example if I have to miss work due to illness or snow.

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    1. Hi Luna! This sounds so weird but yay I’m so glad somebody else gets this! The end of the year is just the weirdest most confusing time in terms of holidays and routines 😦 it’s great to hear that although you get anxious you’ve found coping mechanisms that work for you 🙂 unstructured days are just the worst! I totally get what you mean.

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