The Mighty



So one of my stories has just been published on The Mighty website! Feel free to check it out: Im super excited I’m always reading amazing articles on The Mighty website and now I have been published on it! Also a massive achievement for a dyslexic as well I think… 😉

14 thoughts on “The Mighty

  1. Yes, our cats or dog can love us without condition and accept us just the way we are 🙂 I know someone with SPD, but I like his emotions and his way to be, really 🙂 very intensive emotions 🙂 I hope you can live with them and don’t be afraid of them. Kind greetings 🙂

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    1. Exactly thats what I love about them so much! Thank you for your kind words – I know some people can’t deal with me all the time as I get overwhelmed sensory-wise so easily but I’m learning to not be so afraid 🙂

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  2. Congratulations! I love The Mighty. One of the things I’ve noticed about my son who has SPD, is as he has been growing up, he is learning about himself and how to cope. He’ll never outgrow SPD, but he’s getting better at dealing with it. Getting out in nature, and being with animals always helps him.


    1. Thanks so much! ☺️Thats lovely though – I also feel like each year I’m learning more about myself and how to cope…its definitely a learning process thats never-ending! I totally love getting outside and being with animals too – your son sounds like he is doing an awesome job at coping.

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