Graduating in 2016…🎓


I just don’t want to leave uni. Not now and not for a while (or maybe ever)…

I’ve been at uni for 4 years now. (1 year art foundation course,  3 year degree course) its been my little home from home I guess (even though I’ve been living at home the whole time!)

Education wise I hated primary school, hated most of secondary school and only really enjoyed sixth form and my uni years of my life in education. Being dyslexic (and only finding out this when I was 19!) has meant writing essays and dissertations for the past few years has been difficult for someone who isn’t super academic.I picked my uni course as it was coursework assessed and didn’t require me to take any exams which has been brilliant.

My final deadline is at the end of April and I graduate in June. Then my uni is over…im hoping to get a full time job before September – well thats my aim anyway. Im looking forward to getting a full time job and getting a routine back in place again – the routine is what I will miss from uni the most I think.

I have already started making a to-do list of things to achieve over summer such as choosing books I want to read, computer software I want to master, photographing my work for my online portfolio,  working on this blog and my 21andsensory twitter more and just generally sorting out my life and getting rid of all the random crap I have piling up in my bedroom and cupboard…


3 thoughts on “Graduating in 2016…🎓

  1. Exciting stuff my dear! I was in the same position as you last year. I still miss University, just take time out and see what you want to do next. The transition is quite unsettling, but you’ll find your feet. I know a lot of my friends are still figuring out what they want to do and it’s nearly been a year. Go at your own pace ❤ Graduation day is a day I'll never forget, one of the best days of my life! Good luck! ❤


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