SPD, being ill and having a low pain threshold…

So I’ve had the flu this week. It’s been horrible and I haven’t been able to go to uni or doing any uni work. This instantly got me stressed and out of my routine which I hated. Added to this I have quite possibly the lowest pain threshold known to human kind – so it really wasn’t a great week.
I don’t want to annoy my family but I can’t help but complain when I am in pain and I just want someone to make me feel better (which I know isn’t going to work!)

I think I’m much more aware of pain in my body because of my SPD. I think this is because I’m so sensitive to everything that is going on around me all the time and when I notice I’m in pain I can’t distract myself from it very well.

How to you manage being ill or being in pain? Do you have a low pain threshold too? Let me know in the comments below 😉

3 thoughts on “SPD, being ill and having a low pain threshold…

  1. This may or may not help, but when my daughter (who has SPD) is getting twisted up with prickles, pain, and whatever else I try to help her get pleasant sensations going. She loves backrubs and I encourage her to ‘tickle’ her arms and other similar things. I don’t know if you’ll be able to counter full-out pain this way, but hopefully you’ll find a method which will work for you. Feel better soon.

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  2. My daughter has a very low pain tolerance. Anytime she is sick it’s like she is dying. She is the worst patient. Poor thing. She has undiagnosed SPD because it is not recognized by her doctors in San Diego, CA.

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    1. I literally am the exact same and my doctors don’t understand SPD at all either only my occupational therapist seems to understand it! Wish doctors were more understanding of it hope your daughter is ok


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