I thought I’d ask…

Is there anything anybody wants to see covered on my blog? Can be anything really! Could be to do with anxiety, relationships, OCD, sensory difficulties, growing up, being an adult, uni, school, etc?

Or if you have a question you’d like to ask me why not comment below? (I won’t bite I promise I’m nice!) ☺️

6 thoughts on “I thought I’d ask…

  1. I have a question. Do sensory difficulties get more intense when you get sick, like a cold, for example? It happens to me and, as I haven’t been diagnosed yet (still looking for the right doctor), I wonder if this happens to other people with sensory issues. Thanks!

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    1. Sure great question – I sort of touched on this in my previous blog post about when I had the flu but I definitely think my sensory problems get much more heightened and worse when I am ill – I’m yet to find a doctor who will believe in sensory problems let alone understand them unfortunately…I will cover your question more in my next blog post ☺️ thank you for your comment!


  2. I would love to hear about how it affects your relationships, I’m having lots of trouble at the moment interacting with people because of my anxiety and sensory issues.

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    1. Sure thing! I’m also struggling a lot at the moment with relationships so I will definitely try and write about how I cope and any tips – thank you for commenting ☺️


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