My weighted blanket hire review!

So I wrote a post a while back (read it here) explaining that I was about to hire a weighted blanket from a company called Sensory Direct ( So I had been using the weighted blanket on trial for two weeks and absolutely loved the weighted blanket! I needed a new one as I still had a child sized one which would slip off me in the middle of the night. The child one I had was 2.2kg and my suggested blanket weight in relation to my body weight I discovered was now 6.0kg! So the hire blanket allowed me to trial a MUCH heavier weight on top of me.

I trialled the large adjustable weighted blanket: click here to see the blanket

The large size is the exact same size as a single bed / single duvet cover and is designed to be placed over existing bedding. The blanket is adjustable and also fully washable with interchangeable weights and is suitable for older children and adults. The weights are contained in  tamper proof pockets which means that there is an even weight distribution across the blanket. The blanket I trialled is available in six weights from 3.2kg to 9.5kg (see their guide to pick the right weight for you!)

Sensory Direct then give customers these 3 options after a trial period of 2 weeks:

  1. You decide a weighted blanket is not for you and return the blanket to Sensory Direct.  (You will be responsible for the cost of returning the weighted blanket.)
  2. You decide that you would like to purchase a weighted blanket.  They will take payment for your new blanket and get it sent out to you straight away. With your new blanket they will send a Prepaid Returns label for return of the hire blanket, so you will not be without a weight blanket at any time (which is super clever huh?).  Once they then receive the hire blanket back the rental cost will be refunded to you.
  3. If you are still undecided you can extend the hire period for £10 per week.

My hire blanket was sent with the most beautiful light greeny cover already on it (£19.95 to buy) I decided after my trial that I loved the weighted blanket they sent and the cover colour so much that I went on and bought both! (my birthday present from my kind parents).

I love the idea of trialling a weighted blanket in order to see if it’s the right weight and is comfortable for each individual and I liked the idea of not having to commit to purchasing one until I knew if I happy with it or not. My new weighted blanket was sent out SUPER quick and I am about to return my hire one with a pre-paid label in the box it came in which will be super easy!

If you would like to hire a weighted blanket click here. They also do VAT Exemption for people who are chronically sick or have a disabling condition (see their website for more details). Any questions feel free to ask me in the comments below! Also please note this is not a sponsored post at all – I just thought I would write about my experience with Sensory Direct (UK Based).

My Sensory System


This is a drawing I did which I found whilst clearing out my bedroom. It’s probably 2-3 years old but I felt it was still relevant to me today. The lines represent music ‘faders’ like you see a DJ or radio station using. My bodies ‘faders’ are always on full 24/7. This is very hard to deal with 😓

Sometimes I can hide my sensory problems. Other times I can’t and I erupt into a meltdown and have weird and unexplainable emotions. But I’m learning each day that this is how I am. I cannot change my sensory processing disorder. But I can damn well try hard to manage it ✨

I have no real routine at the moment (uni has finished and I graduate in a month) apart from work every weekend. This is hard but is one of the reasons I’m actually looking forward to getting a full-time job

Does anybody else feel like their ‘faders’ are always turned up to the highest sensory setting? How do you cope when you feel overwhelmed? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Big Day Struggles


I’ve just finished uni and no longer have a weekly routine (apart from work every weekend). I’m not functioning particularly well at the moment but my weighted blanket I have hired to try (see my previous post) is on its way and is being delivered tomorrow 🎉 so I’m hoping this will help me to keep my sensory problems under control.

Now then onto the topic of this post:

I’m very rubbish when it comes to special occasions..I mean truly awful.

I’ve booked the day off work next Saturday as it’s my birthday and I thought it would be nice to have it off. My family have been asking me for a few weeks now what I want to do on my birthday. I really really don’t want to do anything. Like zilch, zero, nothing. But I know that’s not how people are ‘meant’ to celebrate their birthday. As much as presents are lovely and thoughtful (if I could) I would love to know what I was getting as it would remove the element of surprise and make me less tense and nervous!

I’m not good with days that focus on me. My graduation is coming up (it’s in London) and all my friends are going out drinking and clubbing ridiculous amounts afterwards. Ugh. I’m going home with my parents and the going out for a meal with my whole family and boyfriend – and this is difficult enough for me. I feel like everyone around me expects ‘normality’ in life. ‘Normal’ people doing and enjoying ‘normal’ things. People expect that form of ‘normal-ness’ from me. But everyone seems to forget that I just cannot handle these so-called ‘normal’ activities or occasions.

It’s just starting to getting a little warmer here in the UK. Its 22 degrees here today but I still need to cover up because I can’t physically or emotionally handle having my arms or legs on show. Which leads me onto this point…

WHY DO I HAVE TO DRESS UP FOR EVENTS/OCCASIONS…its hard enough coping at these things let alone being uncomfortable and stressed because of ‘fancy’ clothing. This post has kind of turned into a summary of my life at the moment, which I’m aware of, but what I’m getting at is life is currently difficult. I’ve felt overwhelmed since finishing uni and I am just hoping everything calms down soon (full time job hunt may not help this but hey what can I do?)

How do you cope on big days / occasions? Any top tips or ideas you can share? Anyone esld finishing uni, college, school, etc this summer? (I know my sister is and she is currently stressed with revision/exams!) How are you coping? Hang on in there 😉

P.s: On a more positive note….my blog is a whole year old tomorrow! Thanks so much to everyone for following, commenting, liking and just generally interacting with both my blog and my twitter page! It means a lot to me that people genuinely read my blog and more and more people are becoming aware of sensory issues which is AWESOME 🎉