Big Day Struggles


I’ve just finished uni and no longer have a weekly routine (apart from work every weekend). I’m not functioning particularly well at the moment but my weighted blanket I have hired to try (see my previous post) is on its way and is being delivered tomorrow 🎉 so I’m hoping this will help me to keep my sensory problems under control.

Now then onto the topic of this post:

I’m very rubbish when it comes to special occasions..I mean truly awful.

I’ve booked the day off work next Saturday as it’s my birthday and I thought it would be nice to have it off. My family have been asking me for a few weeks now what I want to do on my birthday. I really really don’t want to do anything. Like zilch, zero, nothing. But I know that’s not how people are ‘meant’ to celebrate their birthday. As much as presents are lovely and thoughtful (if I could) I would love to know what I was getting as it would remove the element of surprise and make me less tense and nervous!

I’m not good with days that focus on me. My graduation is coming up (it’s in London) and all my friends are going out drinking and clubbing ridiculous amounts afterwards. Ugh. I’m going home with my parents and the going out for a meal with my whole family and boyfriend – and this is difficult enough for me. I feel like everyone around me expects ‘normality’ in life. ‘Normal’ people doing and enjoying ‘normal’ things. People expect that form of ‘normal-ness’ from me. But everyone seems to forget that I just cannot handle these so-called ‘normal’ activities or occasions.

It’s just starting to getting a little warmer here in the UK. Its 22 degrees here today but I still need to cover up because I can’t physically or emotionally handle having my arms or legs on show. Which leads me onto this point…

WHY DO I HAVE TO DRESS UP FOR EVENTS/OCCASIONS…its hard enough coping at these things let alone being uncomfortable and stressed because of ‘fancy’ clothing. This post has kind of turned into a summary of my life at the moment, which I’m aware of, but what I’m getting at is life is currently difficult. I’ve felt overwhelmed since finishing uni and I am just hoping everything calms down soon (full time job hunt may not help this but hey what can I do?)

How do you cope on big days / occasions? Any top tips or ideas you can share? Anyone esld finishing uni, college, school, etc this summer? (I know my sister is and she is currently stressed with revision/exams!) How are you coping? Hang on in there 😉

P.s: On a more positive note….my blog is a whole year old tomorrow! Thanks so much to everyone for following, commenting, liking and just generally interacting with both my blog and my twitter page! It means a lot to me that people genuinely read my blog and more and more people are becoming aware of sensory issues which is AWESOME 🎉

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