My weighted blanket hire review!

So I wrote a post a while back (read it here) explaining that I was about to hire a weighted blanket from a company called Sensory Direct ( So I had been using the weighted blanket on trial for two weeks and absolutely loved the weighted blanket! I needed a new one as I still had a child sized one which would slip off me in the middle of the night. The child one I had was 2.2kg and my suggested blanket weight in relation to my body weight I discovered was now 6.0kg! So the hire blanket allowed me to trial a MUCH heavier weight on top of me.

I trialled the large adjustable weighted blanket: click here to see the blanket

The large size is the exact same size as a single bed / single duvet cover and is designed to be placed over existing bedding. The blanket is adjustable and also fully washable with interchangeable weights and is suitable for older children and adults. The weights are contained in  tamper proof pockets which means that there is an even weight distribution across the blanket. The blanket I trialled is available in six weights from 3.2kg to 9.5kg (see their guide to pick the right weight for you!)

Sensory Direct then give customers these 3 options after a trial period of 2 weeks:

  1. You decide a weighted blanket is not for you and return the blanket to Sensory Direct.  (You will be responsible for the cost of returning the weighted blanket.)
  2. You decide that you would like to purchase a weighted blanket.  They will take payment for your new blanket and get it sent out to you straight away. With your new blanket they will send a Prepaid Returns label for return of the hire blanket, so you will not be without a weight blanket at any time (which is super clever huh?).  Once they then receive the hire blanket back the rental cost will be refunded to you.
  3. If you are still undecided you can extend the hire period for £10 per week.

My hire blanket was sent with the most beautiful light greeny cover already on it (£19.95 to buy) I decided after my trial that I loved the weighted blanket they sent and the cover colour so much that I went on and bought both! (my birthday present from my kind parents).

I love the idea of trialling a weighted blanket in order to see if it’s the right weight and is comfortable for each individual and I liked the idea of not having to commit to purchasing one until I knew if I happy with it or not. My new weighted blanket was sent out SUPER quick and I am about to return my hire one with a pre-paid label in the box it came in which will be super easy!

If you would like to hire a weighted blanket click here. They also do VAT Exemption for people who are chronically sick or have a disabling condition (see their website for more details). Any questions feel free to ask me in the comments below! Also please note this is not a sponsored post at all – I just thought I would write about my experience with Sensory Direct (UK Based).

13 thoughts on “My weighted blanket hire review!

  1. This sounds awesome. I am considering buying a weighted blanket for my son. I am based in Australia and will have to do some searching to see if I can hire and try before I buy. Such a great idea!!

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    1. Hi Krystal, I’m in Australia and have bought weighted blankets from Nana’s Weighted Blankets. Although they don’t hire them out (to the best of my knowledge) they do have a second-hand weighted blanket option (last time I checked) which is a more economical way to buy/test out weighted blankets. It’s a great way especially for kids who ‘outgrow’ their weighted blanket as they get older.

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  2. Hiring weighted blankets is a great option! I wish I had that when I bought my first one — I bought a 10kg customised one, but it was too heavy at the time and it felt oppressive.

    A couple of years later, I bought an 8kg one. Then another 10kg one. I would use both at night.

    For some reason, my body reallllllly needs weight. So I added a 5kg bag of rice. And then another. And then a 10kg weighted vest resting on my feet. And a few wheat packs. My body is content with 45-50kg of weight on me (which is a lot, proportionately since I weigh 70kg). It’s like my body sighs a big thank you when I’m under that amount of weight.

    The bags of rice roll off me during the night, but at least at the start of the night when I’m trying to fall asleep, that amount of weight really helps me calm. It’s the density of weight that my body just loves!

    I’ve spoken with my OT and she finds it strange (because this is a LOT more than the recommended amount). But we’ve agreed to keep monitoring it, and as long as it’s not causing me any harm, then to continue.

    Thanks again for your post!

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  3. That’s cool! I bought a 15 lb (in US) one for myself, but I wish it were a twin size. It’s more like an armchair-size blanket. It is very heavy, like a workout to lift and pull over myself, but it helps with insomnia and anxiety a bit I guess. I need to find an appropriate weight blanket for my kids next. Mine was expensive ($50) but that’s the cheapest I’ve found, so I’m still price checking for them.

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  4. Do you mind generally if I refer to one or two of your articles and reviews for as long as I provide credit as well as sources back to your web page? My website page is within the similar market as your site and my web-site visitors will make use of most of the ideas you actually offer on this site. Please let me know if this is okay for you. Many thanks!

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