Growing out my nails (for the millionth time)

Yup you guessed it (well the title kind of gave it away let’s be honest….) I’m growing out my finger nails yet again and trying (like really trying) to not bite them. If I’m worrying, or nervous, I immediately start biting my nails without even thinking. I think it works as a distraction, but obviously it’s not a very nice one.

I’ve posted before on my blog about growing out my finger nails. I’ve always started and then got frustrated or annoyed with how they feel and gone back to my old ways. However this time I am determined to avoid biting them. I realise that my hands don’t particularly look very nice or professional for someone who’s 22 years old, so that’s my motivation behind stopping…

Anyway… I was saying to my mum last night how weird my fingers feel like having more of a proper nail to them. Like they feel different (like heavier kind of) and my brain is almost having to get used to moving them again because they feel different. Weird huh? I guess it’s just my sensory side trying to get used to something new all over again, but I’d thought I’d share how it feels!

Anybody else have annoying habits that you want to stop? Any good coping mechanisms? Let me know in the comments below ☺️

Mobiles, Technology and SPD…


I’ve come to the realisation lately that I always have my phone on silent. Like 24/7.

This can bug people.

I miss texts and calls but I literally jump if my phone makes a noise and I never EVER EVER have been able to tolerate it on ‘vibrate’. I have an iPhone and have never had the vibrate feature on and always have ‘Do not disturb’ on. My phone is usually on me, either in my pocket or a bag so it’s not like I forget my phone I just don’t like the noises of notifications (but don’t want to turn them off and miss even more!).

Even if someone else’s phone vibrates on the table next to me its enough to send my heart crazy like a surge of adrenaline releases and I have to calm down without anyone realising by slowing my breathing. As I’ve said before, and I will say it again, I’m rubbish with surprises!

This leads me on to more phone and technology related stuff…

I came across a girl I follow on Twitter talking about how she has ‘hearing motion synaesthesia’. Now I didn’t realise that hearing motion could come under synaesthesia which was the first thing I found immediately interesting… (In case you don’t know according to synaesthesia is ‘A condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualisation of a colour’.)

The girl tweeted about how she heard motion sounds when looking at GIFs on Twitter and could not control this. GIFs (if you aren’t already aware) are a type of image file that support animated image – without sound. I also struggle with this and have written in the past on this blog about how I can hear motion even from different distances. For example say I can see someone running but they are not near me they are across a park from me, I can hear a kind of pattern that relates to when their feet hit the floor.

This hearing motion type of synaesthesia can get very wearing on a person. Even if something isn’t making a noise like a GIF or people moving my brain substitutes that silence with a noise or sound that relates to any pattern it can find in the moving object. This is confusing to write about and even more confusing to try to explain to someone face-to-face…!

Do you hear motion? Or do you have synaesthesia? How do you cope? Let me know in the comments below…