Growing out my nails (for the millionth time)

Yup you guessed it (well the title kind of gave it away let’s be honest….) I’m growing out my finger nails yet again and trying (like really trying) to not bite them. If I’m worrying, or nervous, I immediately start biting my nails without even thinking. I think it works as a distraction, but obviously it’s not a very nice one.

I’ve posted before on my blog about growing out my finger nails. I’ve always started and then got frustrated or annoyed with how they feel and gone back to my old ways. However this time I am determined to avoid biting them. I realise that my hands don’t particularly look very nice or professional for someone who’s 22 years old, so that’s my motivation behind stopping…

Anyway… I was saying to my mum last night how weird my fingers feel like having more of a proper nail to them. Like they feel different (like heavier kind of) and my brain is almost having to get used to moving them again because they feel different. Weird huh? I guess it’s just my sensory side trying to get used to something new all over again, but I’d thought I’d share how it feels!

Anybody else have annoying habits that you want to stop? Any good coping mechanisms? Let me know in the comments below ☺️

4 thoughts on “Growing out my nails (for the millionth time)

  1. As a child, I played the violin. Being forced to keep my nails short, it’s what I now prefer. When they grow long enough that I have about 1/8″ of white, it really bothers me and I have to cut them. On the few occasions that I’ve worn nail polish, it feels like my nails can’t breathe. As far as I know, the only way to stop a bad habit is to figure out what emotional need is being met when you do it (bite your nails). Some people try to associate something negative with the undesired habit- like painting bad tasting stuff on your nails (aversion therapy), but that doesn’t really work for most people long term.

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    1. Thank you for commenting! Ah thats super interesting! Thats how I’m feeling right now like I keep cutting them as they bother me when they are getting a tiny bit long. I think I bite my nails when I’m super nervous which must be a lot of the time as I have virtually no nails! Yeah I thing the bad tasting stuff is a good idea but not if you have sensory problems :S

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  2. I bit my nails ridiculously for as long as I can remember, any sign of growth was gone as soon as I saw it/felt it. My boyfriend (now ex) when I was 26 commented about them, they truly did look horrendous, and I just stopped biting them. That was 3 years ago. Now my problem is trying to cut them correctly because I think if I bite them shorter I won’t stop again. I do find I am running my fingernails across my teeth and into the gaps a lot so I guess I didn’t lose the compulsion to have my finger nails in my mouth just the compulsion to bite them if that makes sense? 😊


    1. Hey! Thanks for commenting….thats the thing my nails literally look horrendous and I want to do something about them but I have the compulsion to bite them/have them in my mouth like you say against your teeth. That is so good that you managed to stop biting them, I’m hoping with time that I can too! Thanks again 🙂

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