Surviving Graduation Day 🎓


I graduated from uni last Tuesday 21st June (in London)… AND SURVIVED!

So here are my top tips for surviving award ceremonies, graduation day, leavers celebrations, parties etc…

1. There will be much MUCH faffing around. I’m not one for dressing up, let’s just say I’m not the biggest fan of dresses, but girls have been planning their outfits for months in advance. ( I totally didn’t just buy something the week before to wear …shh) My top tip is just wear something you are comfortable in because thats what really matters.

2. It’s going to be crowded. There will be the whole conundrum of ‘where do you get the tickets/gowns/photos taken?’ It’s going to be confusing and crowded BUT deep breathes are good for calming down in the moment.

3. The ‘what time are you getting there?’ worry. I actually travelled to the ceremony with my friend and her family so that kind of helped me feel less awkward as I arrived with someone else. Maybe try and arrange a meeting place to find friends, this will help you as you’ll be more distracted before-hand.

4. Expect photos, photos and even more photos. I’m not a huge fan of people taking my photo either…(can you tell I don’t really don’t like big occasions?) Anyway this is what I suggest…


The photo-taking will be over soon…I promise!

5. I felt quite deflated and tired after the ceremony and had a kind of ‘was that it?’ feeling afterwards. I think I needed to cut myself some slack and be proud that I coped sensory-wise. PLUS I totally didn’t trip on stage when collecting my certificate which is a HUGE SUCCESS.

6. Try and surround yourself with people that understand you. Before the ceremony I made a little ‘signal’ up with my mum to use incase I couldn’t cope (handy just in case). My parents understood that I hated the idea of the ceremony and hated having to wear a dress so knew why I found it hard to smile all day long!

Let me know any other top tips you have for surviving special occasions…

P.s I know I said I would write a review of Rachel Schneider‘s ‘Making Sense: A Guide to Sensory Issues’ and I promise to still do this…it’s quite a hard read for someone with sensory problems as I find reading or talking too much about sensory stuff sets me off a bit so I’m reading the book in stages! It’s a great book so far I would really recommend it ✨

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