New Year, Same Me.


Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a relatively calm and enjoyable time off. Also hope you all received nice presents (Anyone get any good sensory / therapy toys?)

So I noticed last week that there’s been a lot of New Year resolution’s and ‘fresh beginning’ stuff on the internet. People have been reflecting on 2016 and there’s lots of talk about ‘making everyday count’. That’s all fine and well but all this talk of change has got me thinking:

It’s 2017. But I’m still the same old me.

A new year won’t change who I am or magically improve my sensory problems. I don’t mean for this to sound negative and actually, in fact, I think it’s a positive. I remember always joking with my mum about how many doctors and therapists would ask me ‘If you could wave a magic wand at your problems…’ I won’t bother even finishing that sentence because the reality is that’s never going to happen and would only frustrate me further.

So I decided putting all these thoughts together that my own little unique New Year’s resolution is to challenge myself to embrace who I am more. I shouldn’t have to worry about being judged when I need to explain to people who just don’t understand the way I am and don’t ‘get’ me, and neither should you! So why not challenge yourself? It’s only day 9 of January and it’s not too late to have a go 🙂

To round this New Year’s post off I felt like writing a little insight (which happens to just link nicely with the main image above!):

I am always forgetting and then realising again that I will always be a little bit ‘sensational’.

And do you know what?

It’s more than okay to be sensational. 

(Drawing by  check out her work if you haven't heard of her!)


2 thoughts on “New Year, Same Me.

  1. Good for you! That was my challenge to myself last year and all in all I’d say it was one of the best challenges I’ve ever set for myself. Really embracing the freedom and ability to say screw it to those who expressed however that me being me with SPD wasn’t working for them. And to use modifying environments as a first line of attack before modifying myself. And turns out when others realized my attitude change and no longer caring to waste my energy accommodating to their ablist views, it became easier all around. Even random encounters with strangers. many folks choose to become more accommodating than before. I even find it easier to say ‘no’ now, which used to be a severe Achilles heel.
    Kind of unexpected result on my end. I hope it works out well for you too. All the best in 2017.

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    1. Hi Katrin – thanks for your lovely comment! It’s awesome that you set yourself the challenge too. It sounded like it definitely became easier in the end – I hope this happens for me too, I need to learn its okay to say no more often! Thank you – you too! 🙂

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