It’s a sea of colour…

Supermarkets. Interesting places. But they are also very busy, bright and colourful environments. This can be very overwhelming for someone with sensory issues….

Take the confectionery/sweet aisle as an example. When I walk down there it really is a sea of colour. So many bright and colourful packets shout at me for my attention. 

This can be really difficult when I just need to find something specific and go. I can’t see properly and I can just hear noise when I look at the packaging like all the brands are yelling their names. 

There is so much sensory input when I am in a place like a supermarket:

  1.  Atmospheric but actually quite annoying background music…
  2. Lots of different smells from different counters (deli, fish, cheese, bakery, the list goes on!) also in the toiletry section too.
  3. Changes in temperature…an odd one I know but there’s a mix of fridges, freezers and when else do you walk through that sort of thing?
  4. Trolleys. I can’t always be trusted with them – I can’t concentrate on navigating narrow or busy aisles!
  5. Shiny, slidey and sometimes unpredictable flooring…
  6. Navigating the shop. Why aren’t there maps…?
  7. People. They are unpredictable and I can never judge what direction they are heading in!

I also can find it quite hard to focus, e.g if  someone is with me and talking to me it requires a lot of energy to keep switched on and to reply.

I realise that I have listed all the difficulties I could come across in a supermarket situation. However I want to make it clear that I (and everyone else in the world) have good days and bad days and these over-sensitivities do not always grate on me.

It’s weird to try and explain the varying degrees of sensory-ness I experience. To seem fine one minute and a bit odd or overwhelmed the next….however I am definitely able to have more good days as an adult ✨

How do you cope when you go out shopping? Any good coping mechanisms or tips? Feel free to share and comment below 😊