Mini Sensory Q&A…


So I put out a couple of posts on Instagram, Twitter and a podcast on Anchor asking anybody if they might have any Sensory-related questions for me as I was writing up and Q&A blog post. I received a few questions which I have answered below…

What do you find is a positive for having SPD?

From Isobel at Potsitivity

The positive aspect about having SPD is definitely having super human powers…

I’ll explain that statement a bit further: Because my 5 senses are always at such a heightened level I feel like I can:

  • Hear things other people can’t
  • See things in a unique way to other people
  • Touch things and feel them differently in terms of texture
  • Taste the same things each day and never get bored of them
  • Smell things from ridiculous distances and the smells affect my mood instantly

So you see it’s sort of like having weird sensory powers – the world used to nearly always run at 100% to me. I think with age I am starting to enjoy life more and coping mechanisms and distractions allow me to turn the noise level of the sensory-world down!

What’s your favourite thing to do that helps you as an adult?

From  via Twitter.

My favourite things to do that really help me as an adult are:

  1. Taking regular breaks whether that’s a tea break, lunch break, or a weekend break away!
  2. Have a bath! As random as it sounds baths really help me to think and I love the sound of running bath water.
  3. Get outside. I do enjoy going on walks and penny boarding, I do think that fresh air is the most natural stress-relivier there is.
  4. Talking thing through. If I don’t feel quite right or down, or even if I’m having a bit of a sensory moment I really do think it helps me to talk things through. Being able to have someone who understands you and will listen is something I never want to take for granted because it can be so helpful.
  5. Doodling and Blogging! I feel like I am naturally quite a creative type of person and just having a quick doodle or writing a blog post on something I think will be useful for other people is just lovely.

Any changes in food choices as you age?

I never liked yogurt as a kid because of the texture. Now I love the texture, & have it every day! From  via Twitter.

Great question! That’s really interesting how you have grown to love yogurt and can now manage the texture 🙂 I know I have definitely become better with herbs and spices since I was little as I used to avoid them at all costs. I am also much keener to try thing and say I don’t like them then to just not try them at all. I always say to people that I am a vegetarian because I find eating meat difficult because of the texture. However I am able to eat Chicken and things like Spaghetti Bolognese with the meat mixed in – but I would much rather prefer to eat a veggie meal really as I know I can eat it all and not have to worry.

If you have anymore questions you’d like to ask me feel free to ask me in the comments below or via social media!

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