An Insight: The Fluorescent Jacket…

Why on earth am I writing a blog post about a Fluorescent jacket I hear you ask…just bear with me and read on:

Picture the scene: I am working away at my desk and at around 9.05am one of the company directors get into work. All normal and well so far. He then proceeds to hang up his fluorescent bike jacket on the hook by his desk. Now this jacket is visually brighter than the sun to a sensory being like me…(I realise this sounds utterly ridiculous but stick with me).

This jacket is in view just behind my laptop screen and is immediately screaming at me visually. It is so loud almost like a noise to me and is instantly distracting and grates on my mood.

I think back sometimes on how I feel when things like this affect me. They seem so big at the time and engulf me, taking up all my thoughts and feelings. How crazy is that? A bright neon jacket can affect me that much! In hindsight it’s a teeny tiny small insignificant part of my life – it affects me but I learn to cope and move on (through distracting myself and repositioning to face away from the indoor sun…!)

How do you feel about bright coloured objects, clothing and environments? Comment below with any stories and coping mechanisms!

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6 thoughts on “An Insight: The Fluorescent Jacket…

  1. I would definitely have a problem with that too. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my screen and would ask for the offending article to be covered over… or more likely cover it over myself!

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  2. LOL! I’m laughing because I can relate Oh So Much!! My sisters know there are certain cloths they cannot dress their kids in on days they want me to baby sit. There is this currently rather common pink/peach color that many women and kids seem to wear in fleece that makes my whole head hurt. When walking in the woods I wear my hunter orange hat because if the color is on my head I can’t see it instead of if I wear it as a vest it sets my system into fits.

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    1. Thanks for your brilliant comment – and it’s so awesome to hear you can relate to this too! 🙂 That’s great that your sisters understand and are supportive too. Oh yes I know that pink/peach fleece colour too well! I know exactly what you mean it gets into my head…I can totally understand wearing a bright hat but not a jacket I couldn’t block out of my vision!

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