A Chewigem Review!


If you are new to Chewigem and have never heard of them continue reading, if you would just like to read my specific product review scroll down a little bit!

So since I started my @21andsensory account on Instagram I have slowly been starting to see more and more posts about  how amazing Chewigem’s products are. Chewigem create stylish and functional chewing aids which are designed to look amazing, whilst serving the need to chew. They do a range of chewellry which is awesome – some of the products look just like jewellery that you’d never be able to tel they were chewable! These are very popular with a lot of autistic people I follow on social media and I was super keen to make a first order and see what all the fuss was about!

My product review:

Okay so initially I was slightly overwhelmed at all the choices on the website. However I soon found out that each product was rated by:

  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Firmness
  • Is it wearable?
  • Is it a fidget?
  • Is it chewable?

I knew that I wasn’t a heavy duty / hardcore chewer and that I wanted some chewellry that I could wear around my neck that was quite flexible so I could fidget with it when it wasn’t in my mouth.

I was immediately drawn to the Raindrops and The Spinner chewellry:


I mean they both look fab. They both come in a range of colours and I liked the idea of The Spinner doubling up as a fidget as the circular disc sits inside the ring and can spin around (hence the name!). I fell in love with the gorgeous looking Raindrop in the Aurora theme (the same in the image on the left, above). I had also seen a lovely looking photo of the Raindrop in Aurora being held up to daylight and it really looked mesmerising so I was sold!

Now one thing I will say is…these chewellry options were not cheap. Both of the chewer above were priced at £13.45 (around $18 / €15) However they are a superb quality and I feel like they really are build to last and stand the test of time.

I managed to find a discount through Chewigem on Facebook (which took off £2.69) and the Royal Mail first class postage was £3.00 so altogether I spent £13.76 (inc.VAT). My order arrived pretty quickly just a few days after:


So what did I think of my Raindrop? I absolutely love it. I do regularly forget to put it on and regret it instantly if I go out and have left it at home! However it really is a great and durable chew that really helps alleviate anxiety and the need to have something to chew or crunch on (I love crunchy food and textures).

I have said before on this blog that I never have the feeling of being ‘full’ after eating. I just for some reason never have it which is frustrating as I always feel hungry. This chew has really helped me to stop before I eat and think ‘am I actually hungry?’ and consider that it might just be a pang/need to chew on something.

I love to fidget with the raindrop and it truly does look amazing and glittery/shimmery when you hold it up to a light or in daylight. It’s also thicker around one edge, for extra sensory stimulation. The raindrop is attached to a silky black cord, here are the specs:

  • Height 5.7cm
  • Width 4.2cm (at widest point)
  • Thickness 1cm (at thickest point)
  • Long cord 94cm, easily cut to a desired length. The cord has a bespoke breakaway clasps provide additional comfort and safety and are set to break apart at approximately 2.3kg’s of pressure (5lbs).

All of Chewigem’s silicone items are lead, latex, BPA, PVC and phthalate free. The silicone can withstand high and low temperatures and does not promote the growth of bacteria. All of the chewellry items can be washed in a dishwasher, steriliser or hot soapy water.

Chewigem also do:

  • Chewy bangles
  • Fidget toys
  • Discovery boxes
  • Other toys/gifts

They have some very popular subscription boxes (have a look at the wonderful Katy @ Invisible i on YouTube – she does some fab Chewigem product reviews and works for them now!). Chewigem are based in Scotland, UK and they do two types of subscription boxes:

Very Important Chewer (V.I.C):

  • One Chewigem per month.
  • Private access to VIC Facebook Group
    Open to VIC’s only. This is a safe, secret place to talk about chewing and sensory issues,  with a Supportive community of like minded chewers.
  • Join Jamie (ambassador) on The Chew Factor – Live.
    You’ll be invited to join Jamie live on The Chew Factor to discuss anything you like with Jamie and her growing community.
  • VIC Members sticker.
  • Price: £13.95 per month

Platinum Chewer Club:

  • Two Chewigems per month.
  • Private access to VIC Facebook Group
    Open to VIC’s only. This is a safe, secret place to talk chewing and sensory issues. with a supportive community of like minded chewers.
  • Product Testing Team
    You’ll be invited to join our special group of “Chew Testers”. You’ll have a say in how we develop new products including designs, colours and even product naming.
  • Special Learning material
    We are teaming up with world class experts to create useful and interesting reading material, videos and talks about the benefits of chewing and related sensory topics.
  • Join Jamie (ambassador) on The Chew Factor – Live.
    You’ll be invited to join Jamie live on The Chew Factor to discuss anything you like with Jamie and her growing community.
  • VIC Members sticker
  • Price: £19.95 per month

I am potentially considering a Chewigem subscription in the future, the £19.95 subscription would be a money-saver when you consider each chewellry item is usually priced around £13.45 individually.

So…would I recommend checking out the Chewigem website/ their products?


Just to be clear – this is not a sponsored post. I was keen to share my thoughts on Chewigem’s products with others as I find their products helpful. Feel free to leave any further questions or thoughts in the comments below! Update: I am now a Chewigem Affiliate! Check out their website.

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