I was interviewed!

Hello. This is just a little blog post to say: I was interviewed on a podcast!

The lovely people from Chewigem interviewed me and the episode titled: ‘SPD and adulthood with 21andsensory’ came out today! If you have a spare moment why not check it out here:


Also you can check out the podcast here on Apple Podcasts

I am a Chewigem Affiliate! They are company who have years of experience, designing, adapting and creating a range of chewing, fidget and sensory aids for children and adults. Check out their website.

I’d love to hear your feedback and any comments you have ☺️

4 thoughts on “I was interviewed!

  1. Hi Emily, I really enjoyed your interview and I related to so much to the sensory issues you have. I wish this had been recognised in me when I was younger, as I have experienced so much anxiety with trying to be ‘normal’ when struggling with sensory issues. I’ve always had to override and push through and have become desensitised to some things, but I think it has resulted in a lot of mental and physical health issues. From your interview it seemed that maybe you have avoided this through being aware from a young age and having therapies? You spoke briefly on the problem of being in a relationship when you find light touch painful. I’ve never heard anyone speak up about this before, but it has always been a huge issue for me and I felt awful about myself for most of my adult life because of this. Best wishes, Luna

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    1. Hi Luna! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and sorry for the delay in replying to you. It’s so awesome to hear that you enjoyed the interview I did and could relate to things I mentioned too 🙂 I’m really sorry to hear about your anxiety with trying to be normal and I totally understand what that’s like. I get what you mean you have to overuse or bottle up how you feel and push through as best you can which can be super tiring and wear out your body. I think that it definitely helped being diagnosed early on and having a wonderful occupational therapist who understood my sensory needs and worked to help me desensitise and regulate myself. Yes I did indeed mention about relationships and light touch (it’s the worst type of touch for me!) it means so much that someone else understands where I am coming from! It’s so hard not to be hard on ourselves for not being able to cope with things that seem to come naturally to other people. Thank you so much again for reaching out to me. Best wishes, Emily.

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