The search for noise cancelling headphones…🎧


You may have seen on my instagram stories that I have recently bought a pair of bluetooth wireless headphones. I’ve been pondering (actually obsessively comparing and watching youtube reviews) on which were the best brand to invest in for months. I haven’t ever owned wireless or noise cancelling headphones but I knew I needed some as soon as more people moved into my office at work. The background noise can get too much and tip me over the edge mood-wise.

So I went for the Sony WH-1000XM3 and I am loving them so far. So it took me a while to unbox them (I’m rubbish at opening new stuff – I still have new shoes I’m struggling to get into!) and I shared the process of unboxing them and pairing them with my phone on my stories (if you’d like to have a look just click on the ‘Sounds’ highlight under my instagram profile).

So far they are SUPER comfy. I was really worried about them sitting funny over my head because of my glasses and the ends of them pinching behind my ears. But I can confirm: they are 10/10 great pick for glasses wearers.

They have active noise cancelling and ambient noise mode settings depending if you are sitting, standing and travelling. ALSO: If you are listening to music and someone comes up to you for a conversation / you walk into a coffee shop to order something you can just place the palm of your hand over the ear cup and instantly hear what’s being said in the place around you! Such a clever feature that also means you don’t have to take your headphones on and off all the time.

I am yet to try them on public transport but even in a quiet environment they’ve been fab. They have 30 hour battery life (38 hours without noise cancelling on), an option to switch to wired connection if they run out of battery and an accompanying app that has oodles of different features and sound configurations to play and test out.

Would you be interested if I did a little review post here on my blog after I’ve used them for a couple of months? Comment down below!

5 thoughts on “The search for noise cancelling headphones…🎧

  1. I love reviews, so go ahead. I’ve been looking for Noise-Cancelling headphones for a while too, but most of them are too expensive for me, such as this one. But maybe one day I’ll be able to afford it.

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    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 I also love a review and am always keen to read them. I appreciate that the headphones I have are definitely at the expensive end, I did end-up waiting for a few months to save the money up but there are some really great ones on amazon between £20-£50 that have rave reviews!


  2. I would be interested. We have used the sound canceling ones that construction workers use that look like headphones in the past for our 11yo daughter who has SPD. She said they canceled background noise but, for her, they made the talking/human environment noises even more pronounced – if that makes sense? We’d be interested in hearing about your experience.

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    1. Thank you for your comment 🙂 Ah I know the ones that you mean – I have also used ear defenders in the past but found them quite uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. That does totally make sense – I think the one difference I love about these Sony headphones so far is I don’t have to be playing music, I can just turn the noise cancelling feature on and wear the headphones with nothing playing through them to achieve some nice silence! I will definitely do a proper review in a couple of months time.


  3. Thanks for this post! The only good headphones I have found are my Turtle Beach PS4 headphones but people give me funny looks if I wear gaming headphones out of the house.

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