An important pie chart 🥧


Hi everyone! Hope you like my important pie chart drawing ✏️ does anyone else have a range of clothes but also just stick to your favourite, old, most worn and comfy clothes? I find it SO hard to wear new clothes and new shoes 👟 (it has taken me actual years to get into new shoes!). It’s so difficult sensory-wise to get used to new clothing 👕 and it always ends up that my clothes have to be washed multiple times before I feel comfortable wearing them…

Do not get me started on itchy / scratchy tags and labels, ugh! They are the worst 😭 how do you cope with clothing and footwear? Any top tips? Feel free to share them in the comments below. Please feel free to share my post on social media platforms but do please credit me @21andsensory thanks!

3 thoughts on “An important pie chart 🥧

  1. This has been a serious problem for me of late. I’ve almost run out of clothes as I’ve just worn a hole through the back of my third pair of jeans. I’m down to rotating two pairs of jeans now as the only pants I have.

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    1. Sorry to hear this has been a real problem for you lately – I can definitely late to just rotating small numbers of jeans and other clothes as they are the only ones you sort of feel comfortable in / can tolerate. I try to just leave new clothes out within my eye sight in bedroom to get used to the idea of them more and slowly get round to the idea of wearing them one day (with all labels/tags removed lol!)


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