Surviving the Festive / Social / Party Season!🎄


Another little doodle from me: this time just some quick little tips on how to survive this extremely festive/social/party season!🎄

If I’m truly honest I find this particular time of year difficult due to my sensory difficulties and because I am autistic. I find family gatherings quite hard so I like to go hide in the toilet every so often to keep myself calm and stop myself from getting overwhelmed.

I’ve also learnt to say no to a lot more events this festive season (obviously in a nice/ polite way!) so I’ve avoided the work Christmas party and work team party (why so many parties?!). As I result I have been questioned beyond belief (eye roll) by certain colleagues but I’ve stood my ground. I don’t do parties or large social gatherings – never have, never will. And that’s okay.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas / festive season and thank you so much for all your support this year – it’s really meant a lot to me!

3 thoughts on “Surviving the Festive / Social / Party Season!🎄

  1. Great tips! We went to a family (extended family we’re barely related to and haven’t seen some of in over 4 yrs) Christmas party a few days ago. My son (17), who is very sensitive, was a bit anxious about it all. But he sat with me and Dad, chatting with an elder couple who are very cool and down to earth and fun, which helped. He wore comfy clothes and got at the very end of the line to get dinner, picking what he wanted to eat. After dinner, we had a white elephant gift exchange, and he ended up with a plush, very soft and cozy throw blanket, which made his night. Once the gift exchange was over and he wrapped the blanket around him, he was quite relaxed. Before the party, he had been quite anxious about it. But by the time we came home, he’d created a pleasant memory.

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    1. Thanks so much! Sounded like quite a daunting thing to go visit extended family that you don’t know so well but amazing to read that your son coped okay despite the situation and that’s great he was comfortable in what he wore and could choose what he wanted to eat too. The blanket sounded like such an amazing gift! So glad he could relax and create a lovely memory too.

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