Daily sensory things that are hard to handle…🌍


Oh heyyyy everyone! Coming back at you with another doodle today…’Daily sensory things that are hard to handle’ 👀 so these are a few of the daily things that overwhelm meee! Literally had a fire alarm test at my workplace today. Did I jump out of my skin?


Do you struggle with any of these things? Or have daily sensory stuff that drives you nuts too? 🥜 Comment down below! Feel free to share my drawings but as always please credit me: @21andsensory

3 thoughts on “Daily sensory things that are hard to handle…🌍

  1. Oh, there’s plenty. Just off the top of my head, the first thing that comes to mind is the sound of traffic. I live on a main road and while some of the traffic is okay, the trucks and bikes drive me mad.So I keep my windows closed at all times if I can.

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  2. All of the above! Honestly the list is extensive, different soaps and smells is a huge one though. People at work wearing a strong fragrance is hard to escape and can prevent me from concentrating. Sometimes it triggers a headache. I hate shopping for new clothes because of the lights and the textures – Ive started buying things I like in bulk!

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