Vestibular System and Sense of Movement Drawing ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ

Hello! Here is drawing number seven (part of a series on our 8 senses, scroll back in my feed to see my previous drawings!) โœ๏ธ which is all about our vestibular sense. The vestibular sense contributes to our ability to maintain balance and body posture. It provides information through the inner ear that tells us about our head position and how (or if) we are moving. Our understanding of movement and balance helps us to coordinate the movement of our head with our eyes, enables ud to use both sides of our body at the same time, and tells us which direction we are going and how fast, and helps us to remain upright!.Explanation behind my drawing…

  • Motion: I love being in motion! I enjoy swinging, rocking, skateboarding / penny boarding, jumping and generally moving…the list is kind of endless. I can be quite a restless person sometimes and I find I need to move quite a lot to stay self regulated.
  • Clumsy: I am CLUMSY. Like beyond clumsy. I fall up stairs (not down oddly), walk into furniture and walls regularly and have unexplained bruises on my legs where I must have walked into something and have forgotten. While I was writing this caption I genuinely hit my elbow on a table… that’s how clumsy I am!
  • Sports: Like I said I find I need to move regularly in order to self regulate but also it helps me sleep so much better when I have exercised. I’m enjoying doing HIIT workouts at the moment as they are high intensity and the different sets of exercises target my whole body which I like. Also it’s fun to be challenged with different exercises and finding my strength is growing!
  • Timing: Lifts and escalators. I am NOT good with escalators. I love the motion of them but can I co-ordinate my feet? NOPE. Train stations, shopping centres/malls, you’ll always find them in busy places and I find I either trip off escalators (or zoom straight off them because the floor is very much static and the moving staircase is not…)
  • Rocking: I love a good rocking chair or wobble board they are just sort of relaxing as well as being distracting
  • Tripping: Again as I mentioned I regularly trip up stairs and again it’s trying to co-ordinate my feet in time with the rest of my body!.Do comment down below if you can relate to anything in my drawing or anything Iโ€™ve said, Iโ€™m always keen to hear how everyone copes with these things. One more drawing to go in this little series!.

IMAGE ID (White post background with 6 categories listed and little drawings above each)

  • Motion – drawing of a sensory hanging swing seat, a skateboard in motion, a see-saw and a bouncy floor pad – Green Tick icon above to show Emily likes Motion
  • Clumsy – a green cup of tea spilling and a baking bowl spilling dough out – Red cross icon above to show Emily dislikes being clumsy!
  • Sports – a football, a purple sneaker, a bicycle and a ping pong bat and ball – Green tick above to show Emily likes Sports and being active
  • Timing – A grey lift with up and down button and an escalator – Red cross icon above to show Emily dislikes using lifts and escalators
  • Rocking – A wooden rocking chair rocking back and forth and a wobble / balance board – Green tick above to show Emily likes to Rock back and forth to relax and whilst stimming
  • Tripping – A woman with black hair, green jumper and blue jeans tripping down a set of stone steps – Red tick above to show tripping is not a nice experience!

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