The struggles of using make-up and beauty products💄

I thought for the next post in my Sensory Series I’d discuss why I struggle to use make-up & beauty products (and don’t anymore!).

In my Sensory Series I’ll be sharing text slides on different aspects of Sensory Processing (in between my regular posts of illustrations) so I can share my own outlook on all things sensory. I thought it would be interesting to share my own experiences, tips and tricks along the way, feel free to scroll back over other posts in this series too! Please do share this post and feel free to comment down below how you cope with change and any tips you have…

One thought on “The struggles of using make-up and beauty products💄

  1. It’s tricky on the other side as well… Makeup and hair sprays on other people are impossible to deal with. Smell, texture, a sort of “greasiness” – lipstick is the worst. Even banal creams can make someone unrecognisable. Some things just make me outright ill – cucumber fragrance! What is that about?!

    Also, I think women are under such crazy social pressure that saying you prefer someone _without_ makeup is virtually an insult. So even explaining how awful these things can be is difficult…

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