My Autieversary…🧠

2 years ago on 8th November 2019 I was diagnosed as Autistic aged 25 (I posted this illustration I did above on Instagram on the day…but forgot to post it on my blog!). I can’t believe its been two entire years since then but everyday I am SO grateful to know that little bit more about myself. 

Did I walk out of the assessment thinking that the whole world was going to look, feel and just BE different now that I knew this about myself? Yes. 

Did it? No…but that’s okay. It’s such a life-altering thing to know about yourself that it’s natural to think like this. But what did happen was a hell of a lot of things slid into place in my mind about all the struggles I’ve gone through and how they are all pretty much down to the fact I had no idea I was Autistic. 

You can read a full post on my diagnosis journey here (I recommend grabbing a snack and a hot drink before reading as it’s a long one! ☕️)

Also episode 16 of my 21andsensory Podcast is an entire episode dedicated to just me discussing my entire diagnosis journey if you prefer to listen rather than read. Just search 21andsensory wherever you usually listen to your podcasts!

5 thoughts on “My Autieversary…🧠

  1. A few year back, my teenage son was really struggling in all areas of his life. He got diagnosed, a 504, some much needed slack from his parents and possibly a better understanding of himself (although he has never once said he agrees with the diagnosis). He is really thriving now and I attribute it to his diagnosis. Truly life changing.

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