21andsensory Christmas Gift Guide 2021!

Hello lovely people! Drum roll please 🥁 …

Here’s my @21andsensory Christmas Gift Guide! 🎁 

Let me know if there’s anything in my guide you are hoping to get for Christmas!

Noise cancelling presents:

Headphones: Sony, Bose, Amazon own brand

Apple airpods or own branded ones by companies such as Anker

Noise cancelling headphones: Edz Kidz, Snug, Amazon own brand

Earplugs (other brands such as Loop, Flare audio, etc)

Fidget Toys:

Liquid timer, Peapod, Fidget Cube, Fidget Spinner, Pop it: Small fidget toy online stores such as Stimbox, Sensory ToyBox, Sensory Spectacle, FidgetToys Plus, Fidgipops and larger shops such as: The Entertainer, The Works, Flying Tiger, etc.

Chewy necklaces or hand fidgets: Chewigem, Sensooli, HexNex

Simpl Dimpl

Tangle online store


MujiPaperchase, Hobbycraft, to name just a few!

Squishy toys! (You can get these literally everywhere they are so many – worth googling!)

Weighted products:

Weighted jackets and toys: Sensory Direct – my weighted blanket is from here! Highly recommend.

Weighted lap pad or blanket: Sensory Direct, Remy – I’ve bought weighted blankets from both places and highly recommend.

Arts and crafts:

Paperchase, Hobbycraft, Etsy

Funky lights:

Lava lamp: Amazon, Dunhelm,

Galaxy or sea projector: Amazon

Fairy lights: TK Maxx, Home Sense, The Range, Dunhelm, DIY stores

Phillips hue colour changing light bulbs

Books: By Autistic authors especially!

They make such wonderful gifts and I’ve got a few on my wishlist this year…

Authors worth googling:

  • Elle McNicoll ‘A Kind of Spark’
  • Laura James ‘Odd Girl Out’
  • Holly Smale ‘Geek Girl’ series
  • Sara Gibbs ‘Drama Queen’
  • Dara McAnulty ‘Diary of a Young Naturalist’
  • Abigail Balfe ‘A Different Sort of Normal’
  • Libby Scott ‘Can You See Me?’ series
  • Sienna Castellon ‘The Spectrum Girl’s Survival Guide: How to Grow Up Awesome and Autistic’
  • Katherine May ‘The Electricity of Every Living Thing’
  • Dr Sarah Bargiela ‘Camouflage: The Hidden Lives of Autistic Women’
  • Bianca Toeps ‘But you don’t look autistic at all’
  • Joanne Limburg ‘Letters To My Weird Sisters: On Autism and Feminism’
  • Alex Ratcliffe ‘Our Autistic Lives’
  • Lizzie Huxley-Jones ‘Stim: an Autistic Anthology’
  • Charlotte Amelia Poe ‘How to be Autistic’
  • Grace Liu ‘Approaching Autistic Adulthood’
  • Max Toper ‘Why is he still here?”

These are just a handful! There are SO so many more out there.

Goodreads have a good selection of book recommendations


(Because why the hell not – they are always handy!)


From garden centres or an online subscription! I had a Barrys Cactus Club subscription for around 9 months which I got for Christmas last year and let me tell you: it is quite literally the gift that keeps on giving! Also Patch Plants do some beautiful plants via delivery.

And that’s it! I hope this gift guide was helpful and gave you some ideas…I hope you all have a lovely Christmas time!

If you have some free time over the festive period why not have a listen to my 21andsensory podcast, there’s over 50 episodes to listen to and I’ve spoken to some amazing guests including some fab Authors, Actors, Influencers, Illustrators, Artists, TikTokers, Educators, Activists, Writers, Speakers, Producers, YouTubers, Podcasters, Sports Teams, Researchers, Scientists and even my own family! Plus many more…

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