24 hour time…⏰

✨ New drawing ✨ on the struggle that is: 24 hour time…⏰

So I’ve been thinking recently: it can’t just be me that struggles with 24hr time? (which if you don’t know uses the numbers 00:00 midnight until 23:59 to tell the time). When I see it written down or digitally on a device I can’t decipher or process it at all without counting the hours on my fingers to work out the hour. So like above I just read 21:07pm. Not helpful…and I’d love to know how peoples brains can just instantly convert it!

I’ve always struggled telling the time, which I reckon isn’t helped by a mix of Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. It just doesn’t come to me naturally – anything numbers-related never has! I distinctly remember people at school in my teens being like ‘Why does your phone have 12hr time? That’s weird’. Almost like it’s a childish thing to have? Which it in no way is. I shouldn’t have to justify that IT’S JUST EASIER TO READ.

How do you manage with 24hr time (and is it just a UK thing that everyone uses it?) Do you also prefer 12hr time?

One thought on “24 hour time…⏰

  1. I’m in the US. Only the military uses 24 hour clocks. I need to call in my fingers to do the translation (and I’m an accountant). In the past I’ve written about my desire to switch to metric time — based on 10s. If we got those pesky 12s out of the picture, it would be a lot easier. With metric time. we can all be confused together.

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