Eyesight changes and the struggle of new glasses 👓

I thought for the next post in my Sensory Series I’d discuss Eyesight changes and the struggle of new glasses 👓 

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In my Sensory Series I share text slides on different aspects of Sensory Processing (in between my regular posts of illustrations on my Instagram and here on my blog) so I can share my own outlook on all things sensory related. I thought it would be interesting to share my own experiences, tips and tricks along the way, feel free to scroll back over other posts in this series too! Feel free to comment down below how you cope with all things new or glasses related 👀 

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Eyesight changes and the struggle of new glasses

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You might know how much I hate change and new things. I know ‘hate’ is a strong word but it’s the best word I can think of to describe the utter upset and hatred I (and many other autistic people) have for all things new or newly changed.

Recently my glasses prescription changed and I had to get new glasses. I really put off picking them up. I hate how bubbly they always make your vision feel as you get used to them – it actually makes me upset.

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I’ve always been funny about glasses (no surprise there) and I’d love to stick with the exact same brand and style but they change so quickly and you can’t always replace the lenses in ones you already have.

I am also overly protective of my glasses and have to put them back in their designated case every night without fail and can’t leave them lying around. Also: No matter how nicely you ask…you can’t try my glasses on. EVER. I absolutely cannot handle it.

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Eye tests in general (at least in the UK) can set off sensory overload and require a large amount of processing instructions quickly. It can be scary but it’s more than okay to ask up front or during an eye test for instructions to be said slower. It’s also okay to ask them to move between lenses in front of your eye more slowly.

An example I have is that I can’t  process my left and right quickly when I am told to look in those directions so I take my time to think.

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Random very sensory thing: does anyone else jump when they do the weird puff of air in your eye…I hate it so much!

Do feel free to comment down below if you also have difficulties with change, newness and/or glasses in general and maybe we could share our struggles and any tips too.

I’d also love to know any other topics you’d like me to cover in these Sensory Series info posts!

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One thought on “Eyesight changes and the struggle of new glasses 👓

  1. I hate going to the eye doctor, but unfortunately I have horrible, rapidly changing vision and I usually need a new prescription more frequently than once per year. My personal eye doc and I have discussed OCD and he understands the mental struggles trying to determine if A or B is more clear. He’s also really patient when they shine that blinding light into the back of my dilated eye and I keep shutting my eyes. And then there is swapping out glasses. Absolute hell. I’m always so fearful that my glasses won’t be comfortable after I spend all that money to get them made. Having eye surgery in April. I’m certain that will suck. Yeah, I get your struggle with the eye doctor.

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