21andsensory Podcasts

I run my very own podcast!Screenshot-2018-12-30-at-11.30.04

It’s called 21andsensory Podcast and is mainly me rambling about all things Sensory Processing and Autism related but also I chat to some super lovely neurodivergent people from all walks of life!

There’s currently over 40 episodes available to listen to:

My 21andsensory Podcasts

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Want to be on my podcast? Apply here: https://forms.gle/scAY23744owv3oeB9

I’ve featured as a guest on these podcasts:

Would you like me to come on as a guest on your podcast?

I really love being invited to being a guest on podcasts and I am also available for speaking opportunities.

Please do bear in mind that I keep my identity anonymous online (nobody knows what I look like – which usually means if we are recording something I’ll just pop my video ‘off’ before we start!)

Drop me an email: 21andsensory@gmail.com