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21andsensory Podcast Trailer

I’ve never done a Podcast Trailer before and wanted to welcome any new listeners!

Episode 1: Check in and Q&A

Released Aug 14th, 2017: Quick Check in and Sensory Q&A: feel free to ask me any questions!

Relaxation Sound: Bath Running

Released Aug 25th, 2017: ASMR-style relaxation sound of a bath running. Super soothing to listen to whilst working, on a break or before bed.

Episode 2: Sensory at Work 📚

Released Aug 27th, 2017: Quick check-in to say I will be posting my Sensory Q&A post on my blog this weekend – feel free to ask me more questions via social media! Also I discuss how I cope with my SPD in my work place 📚

Episode 3: Walking, Talking and Call-ins

Released Sep 13th, 2017: A little check in ✅ and my first Anchor call-in 📞

Episode 4: Fluorescent Jackets, Eye Tests and New Friends

Released Sep 27th, 2017: On this weeks podcast: Hey! 🙂 • Fluorescent Jackets? 🚴 • Eye tests 👀 • and making new friends 👋🏻You can find me on my blog: 21andsensory.wordpress.com and on Instagram / Twitter: @21andsensory

Episode 5: Hating change, Teeth cleaning and New Shoes

Released Oct 16th, 2017: Hey everyone 👋🏻 • Teeth brushing 😬 • The trouble with new shoes 👣 • New bathrooms / mysterious door handles 🛀🏻 • and why I blog… 💻

Episode 6: Family Events, Brushing Techniques and Documentaries

Released Nov 8th, 2017: Hey Everyone 👋🏻 • Family events 🎂 • Why I don’t feel full 🤔 • The Wilbarger Brushing Technique 🙌🏻 • Hand washing 🖐🏻💦 • My new glasses 👀 • Aspergers & Me Documentary ✅

Episode 7: What to Wear, Noise at Christmas and a New Segment!

Released Dec 3rd, 2017: Welcome to Episode 7 👋🏻 • I never know what to wear 🤷🏻‍♀️ • Noise at Christmas time 🌲 • A new segment?! 😮 • What’s in my bag? • Fidget cubes and Fidget Spinners! 💡

Episode 8: Surviving Christmas Parties, Sensory Presents and Stress!

Released Jan 11th, 2018: Happy New Year and Hello 👋🏻 • Christmas Party Updates ✅ • Work colleagues at parties? 🎈 • Fidgety Christmas present review 🎁 • Noise cancelling ear buds 👂🏻 • Sensory box and wave machine! 🌊 • Stress and mood swings 😬 • Drinking more water💧and signing off!

Episode 9: Annoying thoughts, Sensory DIY box and Urticaria?!

Released March 17th, 2018: Handling emotions and annoying thoughts 💭 • My sensory DIY box video 🎬 • My latest blog post on Urticaria 😱 • Noisy office and lunchtimes 🍽 • Work outfits for each week 👔• Finding an exercise that works for me! 🏃🏼‍♀️

Episode 10: Autism in the workplace, New environments and Blog Questions

Released April 29th, 2018 Trying out a new style of podcasting 🎤 • New and noisy environments 🥁 • Sunny weather and heat rash! ☀️ • Driving and talking 🚙 • Discussing Autism in the workplace 📚 • Answering your blog questions❓

Released June 30th, 2018: Hello 👋🏻 • Listen to the environments I’ve been in 🎧 • Chewigem Product Review ✅ • Books I’ve been reading 📚• ‘Odd Girl Out’ by Laura James book review 📕 • The Autism Show 🎤 • iPads? 📱 • Hot weather ☀️ and clothing woes 😎

Episode 12: Mental Health, Medications and Sensory boxes

Released Oct 8th, 2018: Hello again 👋🏻 • Mental health 🧠 • Walking to and from work 👣 • My sensory box and filming 📷 • Medication chat 💊 • Exercise plans🚶🏻‍♀️• Guess the noises 🎤 (the feature returns!) • Conclusion ✏️

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Episode 13: Sensory Festive Season, My fidget and stim box and a Happy New Year!

Released Dec 30th, 2018: Hello again! 👋 • I read out my latest blog posts 🗣 (you’re a limited edition🏅and you’re not a mess 😨) • Sensory Festive Season and New Illustrations? 🌲 • I was on another podcast called ‘The Sensory Matters Show’ 🎙 • My fidget and stim sensory box! 🎬 (and should I do more on YouTube or even try ASMR?!) 🔊• Emailing me and have a Happy New Year! 🎉

Episode 14: It’s May already?! Birthdays, illustrations, Q&A and lots more news! (Bumper edition)

Released May 6th, 2019: Hello to everyone and an update 👋 • A big Q&A session 💭  • Describing what a sensory hangover is😴 • ‘Guess the noise’ feature is back🎙 • The hint for the perfect noise-cancelling headphones 🎧 • I visited a zoo! 🐘 • Sharing a story for the doctors👨‍⚕️• Autism Awareness Week 1st-7th April and recording some audio for Chewigem! 🗣 • A chat including drawing more ✏️ Birthdays 🎂 Books I have read/am reading 📚 Granola Gate 🥣 and Emma Watson?!

Episode 15: A huge 2019 Round Up!

Released Jan 31st 2020: This is an absolutely jam packed episode reviewing the whole of 2019 and explaining why I’ve been absent in terms of creating podcasts for so long! • I’ve been interviewed on some podcast shows 🎙 • The classic ‘ Guess the noises’ segment 📣 • What is masking? 🎭 • Sensory Mapping at the Royal College of Arts 🎨 • Attending a wedding 💍 •  Books I’ve been reading 📚 • and lots more!

Episode 16: My Autism Diagnosis Journey!

Released Feb 29th, 2020: Welcome to Episode 16 of the 21andsensory podcast. As I promised in Episode 15 today’s podcast is all about….my Autism diagnosis! 🧠

Episode 17: Special Guest: Thomas from Aspergers Growth!

Released March 31st, 2020. I had the chance to speak to Thomas Henley in this episode (@aspergersgrowth). He is the founder of the Aspergers Growth channel, a hub for teaching others about autism.

Episode 18: Special Guest: Sophie from @curiosophie

Released April 30th, 2020. I had the chance to speak to the very lovely Sophie. Sophie tells tales of burnout recovery, life as a late diagnosed autistic & her love for video games via her Instagram account @curiosophie. She tries to give a glimpse into the the mundane side of everyday life on the spectrum, with all it’s happy, sad and boring moments. (Episode marked as explicit due to some swearing)

Episode 19: Working from home and managing life in lockdown

Released May 31st 2020.  I thought I’d do a podcast on all things working from home / working remotely. I talk about: How I have found working from home and the process from the very beginning 👀 • struggling with meltdowns, overwhelm, change and routines 🧠 • my current work set-up and how I’m coping ✏️ • the pros and cons of working remotely 👩🏻‍💻 • an advice section for those working / studying / revising / teaching / generally trying to live and survive at home during lockdown 🏠

Episode 20: Special Guest, Emily from @autie__eevee

Released June 30th 2020. In this month’s episode I had the chance to speak to the very lovely Emily (@autie__eevee on Instagram). We spoke about a whole range of things such as her self diagnosis of Autism and her journey to be formally assessed, her first year studying Fine Art at university, her special interests and hobbies and about her amazing Instagram account!

Episode 21: Special Guest, Lydia Wilkins from @journo_lydia

Released July 19th 2020. In this episode I was joined by special guest Lydia Wilkins! (@journo_lydia). Lydia is a freelance NCTJ qualified journalist, with bylines in The Independent, Readers Digest, The Metro, Refinery 29, Debut Careers, BN1 Magazine, and more. Lydia was diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum in January 2015, two months shy of her sixteenth birthday.

She has a blog called mademoisellewomen.com which she started it in July 2012. We chat all things diagnosis related, her childhood and growing up, education and all about her job and online work!

Episode 22: Special Guest, Vicky from @actuallyaspling

Released July 31st 2020. In this episode I was joined by the very lovely Vicky, a neurodivergent advocate and blogger who runs @actuallyaspling on Instagram. Vicky and I chat about how we were both diagnosed autistic at the age of 25 and discuss assessments and other diagnoses. We also talk about uni experiences, blogs, daily life before and during the COVID-19 situation and lockdown. We later mention all things sensory related (and what foods we seek and avoid) as well as some special interests and fidget/stim toy collections!


Episode 23: Special Guest, Allie from @whensouthmetnorth


Released August 31st 2020. In this episode I was joined by the the super lovely Allie (@whensouthmetnorth). Allie is an autistic creative and advocate who alongside her current postgraduate study (a masters degree in Education Research at the University of Oxford) is also a research consultant for Neuropool which is a start-up for supporting neurodivergent people run by neurodivergent people. Allie has a special interest in creative writing and is a published poet. She is currently writing a novel and also drafting her first ever play script, which features an autistic protagonist.

So here’s what we chat about:

  • All things autism related…her journey to diagnosis and her autism assessment experience
  • Life throughout secondary school and university and coping in a sensory world
  • We touch on relationships with friends, family and partners
  • And…annoying noises we both can’t tolerate!

Episode 24: Special Guests Larrnell and Onikage (from the Autistic Delicatessen Podcast)

Released September 30th 2020. So on this episode I have not 1 but 2 (YUP TWO!) guests joining me for the first time. I’m speaking to Larrnell and Onikage from The Autistic Delicatessen Podcast!

We chat about:

  • How they met and their autism diagnoses
  • Why they started up their podcast on all things food-related!
  • Our favourite foods and dishes
  • Special interests and hobbies
  • And life in a pandemic / lockdown (Scotland and USA comparison)
Released October 31st 2020. On this episode I talk to the super lovely Lily! Lily runs @shortie.autie on instagram, she is autistic and is an autism advocate sharing her thoughts and experiences online through instagram posts and her fab podcast ‘Autism and Positivity’. 

We chat about:

  • Lily’s experience at primary and secondary school in the UK and how she is managing with her A-Level studies at the moment (due to COVID-19 she is studying at home)
  • Special needs support within schools and local support groups
  • Lily’s hobbies, passions and special interests
  • Autism representation online and in mainstream media

Released November 30th 2020. Hi everyone! On today’s episode I talk to the very knowledgable Christa who is an autistic self-advocate from Texas and runs the the internationally recognised neurodiversity lifestyle blog Neurodivergent Rebel and Instagram account @neurodivergentrebel. Christa’s blog pushes for acceptance of neurological difference and respect for the autonomy of neurodivergent people.

We chat about:

  • Both being diagnosed with autism and compare the process it took us to get there
  • Christa’s coaching and consulting services Autism in the workplace and how much we both hate open plan offices!
  • Christa’s social media presence and the #askingautistic hashtag that Christa is the pioneered
  • How Christa is coping with the pandemic, daily life and their special interests

Episode 27: Bonus Christmas Podcast!

Released December 16th 2020. Welcome to a surprise Christmas Bonus Episode! It’s just me chatting this time… 

I chat about:
  • Christmas this year and how to deal with overwhelm and my tips with managing the festive season
  • A new YouTube video I filmed
  • Being interviewed on another podcast!
  • My Christmas Gift Guide (see my illustration on my Instagram and Blog here: https://21andsensory.wordpress.com/2020/12/01/21andsensory-gift-guide-🌲/
  • A little personal round up of my year, 21andsensory and personal related! Includes recent milestones and my mental health.

Episode 28: Special Guest Cheryl from @_thislineismine

Released December 31st 2020. Hi everyone! On today’s episode I have the very lovely and super creative Cheryl from @_thislineismine. Many of you will recognise Cheryl from the autistic videos she creates on TikTok where she has over 200,000 followers!!! 
We chat about:
  • Cheryl’s autism diagnosis and the whole journey and process she went through
  • Her university experience, support at uni and finding a degree and career she enjoys
  • Cheryl’s awesome TikTok account, how she started it and it’s huge growth!
  • Autism in the work place and how she copes by creating a set routine
  • Favourite fidget toys and when she uses them most
..and some great personal stories!
Released January 17th 2021. On today’s episode I have the lovely Abi Lewis. Abi is 16 and is studying ALevels at Sixth Form College in the UK. Abi has also been a phone out guest on the BBC’s ‘1800 Seconds on Autism’ Podcast (link below).
We chat about:
  • Her autism diagnosis and studying at a mainstream secondary school
  • Online learning and the uncertainty of school exams during a pandemic 
  • What ALevels she is taking and what she might like to study at uni
  • Her special interests and hobbies (such as her cute dog Harvey!) 
Released January 31st 2021. On today’s episode, I have special guest Nick Ransom joining me! Nick works as a freelance television researcher / digital video producer.
Since 2018 he has secured a number of contracts at the BBC, working at Children in Need, Radio Manchester, A Question of Sport and most recently BBC Bitesize! Nick is now freelance researcher and has worked with the likes of Studio Lambert, Viacom International Studios and Purple Productions. In the workplace, neurodiversity can offer real potential and Nick is a big supporter of ensuring those with disabilities are accommodated to help create an equal, diverse and fair society. 
We chat about:
  • Nick’s journey to getting an autism diagnosis
  • His experience moving away from home and studying a degree in Television and Radio at university
  • His experience working within the TV Industry and the shows he has worked on
  • Neurodiversity in the workplace and routines
Released February 10th 2021. On today’s episode I have Max Toper on as my special guest. Max is an eighteen-year-old author from London, who has come on the podcast to chat about his new book ‘Why is he still here’. The book is a memoir providing insight into his life with autism and his experiences in the education-system and digital world.
Released March 1st 2021. On today’s episode I have the lovely Zara as my special guest. Zara is 15 and lives in the UK and has Tourettes Syndrome. She raises awareness of Tourettes and tics and educates people via her hugely popular social media platforms! Zara hit 1 million followers on TikTok this month (link below to her profile!) This episode contains some swearing so has been marked as Explicit.
We chat about:
  • Zara’s diagnoses of Tourettes and OCD and support she has had within education
  • How she is finding studying from home and GCSE coursework
  • Her hobbies and special interests 
  • Her TikTok account, how she started it and it’s rapid growth!
  • The Sunflower Lanyard Scheme How she copes with daily life and the main challenges she faces

Episode 33: Special Guest, Georgia Lock

Released March 18th 2021. On today’s episode I have the super lovely Georgia Lock. Georgia is an actor, presenter, poet and an OCD advocate. She is hugely creative having written her own poetry collection book and is also a singer so we are definitely going to have a lot to chat about in this episode!
We chat about:
  • A bit of Georgia’s background and her work as an actor and presenter
  • Georgia’s journey to a diagnosis of OCD
  • Her online presence and her active role as an OCD advocate online and common misconceptions that surround OCD. 
  • How the TV industry can misportray different conditions
  • Creativity and Georgia’s poetry
  • How she is coping daily life and the current UK lockdown

Episode 34: Special Guest, Glenn from Waltham Abbey Focus FC

Release April 1st 2021. In this episode I speak to Glenn who is the manager of Waltham Abbey Focus which is a disability and SEN football team at the top of their game! Glenn chats about all things football-related and we discuss a documentary that’s being made about the team with the intention of raising awareness of disability football, and promoting it as an inclusive sport that can be enjoyed by everyone.
We talk about:
  • Glenn’s autism diagnosis and how he got into football from an early age
  • All things Waltham Abbey Focus FC! How the team started up and and the role Glenn plays within the club
  • How long Glenn has been involved with the club and what his day-to-day look like
  • We chat about the exciting documentary that’s going to be focused on the club and discuss how the idea came about.
  • Raising awareness of disability football and it being an inclusive sport that a lot of people aren’t aware of
  • Discuss how Glenn and the players at Waltham Abbey Focus are finding UK lockdown and how have they all been getting on as they have not been able to train and meet-up as a team regularly.

Episode 35: Special Guest…MY SISTER!

My special guest on today’s episode is…my sister! 

We chat about:

  • My sisters career as primary school teacher and what Masters course she is studying
  • Her heart condition and how she manages it
  • GCSE’s and ALevels and the stresses of exams
  • Special needs and mental health within Schools
  • Understanding the role of School’s SEN departments and the process that it takes to become a Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO)
  • What it was like growing up with me…
  • Questions from my listeners (taken from my Instagram Stories) for my sister
  • And some bloopers to look forward to at the end!

I’ve featured as a guest on these podcasts:

I really love being invited to being a guest on podcasts and I am also available for speaking opportunities. Please do bear in mind that I keep my identity anonymous online (nobody knows what I look like – which usually means if we are recording something I’ll just pop my video ‘off’ before we start!)

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