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Episode 1: Check in and Q&A

Released Aug 14th, 2017: Quick Check in and Sensory Q&A: feel free to ask me any questions!

Relaxation Sound: Bath Running

Released Aug 25th, 2017: ASMR-style relaxation sound of a bath running. Super soothing to listen to whilst working, on a break or before bed.

Episode 2: Sensory at Work 📚

Released Aug 27th, 2017: Quick check-in to say I will be posting my Sensory Q&A post on my blog this weekend – feel free to ask me more questions via social media! Also I discuss how I cope with my SPD in my work place 📚

Episode 3: Walking, Talking and Call-ins

Released Sep 13th, 2017: A little check in ✅ and my first Anchor call-in 📞

Episode 4: Fluorescent Jackets, Eye Tests and New Friends

Released Sep 27th, 2017: On this weeks podcast: Hey! 🙂 • Fluorescent Jackets? 🚴 • Eye tests 👀 • and making new friends 👋🏻You can find me on my blog: 21andsensory.wordpress.com and on Instagram / Twitter: @21andsensory

Episode 5: Hating change, Teeth cleaning and New Shoes

Released Oct 16th, 2017: Hey everyone 👋🏻 • Teeth brushing 😬 • The trouble with new shoes 👣 • New bathrooms / mysterious door handles 🛀🏻 • and why I blog… 💻

Episode 6: Family Events, Brushing Techniques and Documentaries

Released Nov 8th, 2017: Hey Everyone 👋🏻 • Family events 🎂 • Why I don’t feel full 🤔 • The Wilbarger Brushing Technique 🙌🏻 • Hand washing 🖐🏻💦 • My new glasses 👀 • Aspergers & Me Documentary ✅

Episode 7: What to Wear, Noise at Christmas and a New Segment!

Released Dec 3rd, 2017: Welcome to Episode 7 👋🏻 • I never know what to wear 🤷🏻‍♀️ • Noise at Christmas time 🌲 • A new segment?! 😮 • What’s in my bag? • Fidget cubes and Fidget Spinners! 💡

Episode 8: Surviving Christmas Parties, Sensory Presents and Stress!

Released Jan 11th, 2018: Happy New Year and Hello 👋🏻 • Christmas Party Updates ✅ • Work colleagues at parties? 🎈 • Fidgety Christmas present review 🎁 • Noise cancelling ear buds 👂🏻 • Sensory box and wave machine! 🌊 • Stress and mood swings 😬 • Drinking more water💧and signing off!

Episode 9: Annoying thoughts, Sensory DIY box and Urticaria?!

Released March 17th, 2018: Handling emotions and annoying thoughts 💭 • My sensory DIY box video 🎬 • My latest blog post on Urticaria 😱 • Noisy office and lunchtimes 🍽 • Work outfits for each week 👔• Finding an exercise that works for me! 🏃🏼‍♀️

Episode 10: Autism in the workplace, New environments and Blog Questions

Released April 29th, 2018 Trying out a new style of podcasting 🎤 • New and noisy environments 🥁 • Sunny weather and heat rash! ☀️ • Driving and talking 🚙 • Discussing Autism in the workplace 📚 • Answering your blog questions❓

Released June 30th, 2018: Hello 👋🏻 • Listen to the environments I’ve been in 🎧 • Chewigem Product Review ✅ • Books I’ve been reading 📚• ‘Odd Girl Out’ by Laura James book review 📕 • The Autism Show 🎤 • iPads? 📱 • Hot weather ☀️ and clothing woes 😎

Episode 12: Mental Health, Medications and Sensory boxes

Released Oct 8th, 2018: Hello again 👋🏻 • Mental health 🧠 • Walking to and from work 👣 • My sensory box and filming 📷 • Medication chat 💊 • Exercise plans🚶🏻‍♀️• Guess the noises 🎤 (the feature returns!) • Conclusion ✏️

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Episode 13: Sensory Festive Season, My fidget and stim box and a Happy New Year!

Released Dec 30th, 2018: Hello again! 👋 • I read out my latest blog posts 🗣 (you’re a limited edition🏅and you’re not a mess 😨) • Sensory Festive Season and New Illustrations? 🌲 • I was on another podcast called ‘The Sensory Matters Show’ 🎙 • My fidget and stim sensory box! 🎬 (and should I do more on YouTube or even try ASMR?!) 🔊• Emailing me and have a Happy New Year! 🎉

Episode 14: It’s May already?! Birthdays, illustrations, Q&A and lots more news! (Bumper edition)

Released May 6th, 2019: Hello to everyone and an update 👋 • A big Q&A session 💭  • Describing what a sensory hangover is😴 • ‘Guess the noise’ feature is back🎙 • The hint for the perfect noise-cancelling headphones 🎧 • I visited a zoo! 🐘 • Sharing a story for the doctors👨‍⚕️• Autism Awareness Week 1st-7th April and recording some audio for Chewigem! 🗣 • A chat including drawing more ✏️ Birthdays 🎂 Books I have read/am reading 📚 Granola Gate 🥣 and Emma Watson?!

Episode 15: A huge 2019 Round Up!

Released Jan 31st 2020: This is an absolutely jam packed episode reviewing the whole of 2019 and explaining why I’ve been absent in terms of creating podcasts for so long! • I’ve been interviewed on some podcast shows 🎙 • The classic ‘ Guess the noises’ segment 📣 • What is masking? 🎭 • Sensory Mapping at the Royal College of Arts 🎨 • Attending a wedding 💍 •  Books I’ve been reading 📚 • and lots more!

Episode 16: My Autism Diagnosis Journey!

Released Feb 29th, 2020: Welcome to Episode 16 of the 21andsensory podcast. As I promised in Episode 15 today’s podcast is all about….my Autism diagnosis! 🧠

Episode 17: Special Guest: Thomas from Aspergers Growth!

Released March 31st, 2020. I had the chance to speak to Thomas Henley in this episode. He is the founder of the Aspergers Growth channel, a hub for teaching others about autism.

Episode 18: Special Guest: Sophie from @curiosophie

Released April 30th, 2020. I had the chance to speak to the very lovely Sophie. Sophie tells tales of burnout recovery, life as a late diagnosed autistic & her love for video games via her Instagram channel @curiosophie. She tries to give a glimpse into the the mundane side of everyday life on the spectrum, with all it’s happy, sad and boring moments. (Episode marked as explicit due to some swearing)

Episode 19: Working from home and managing life in lockdown

Released May 31st 2020.  I thought I’d do a podcast on all things working from home / working remotely. I talk about: How I have found working from home and the process from the very beginning 👀 • struggling with meltdowns, overwhelm, change and routines 🧠 • my current work set-up and how I’m coping ✏️ • the pros and cons of working remotely 👩🏻‍💻 • an advice section for those working / studying / revising / teaching / generally trying to live and survive at home during lockdown 🏠

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