An update…

Sorry I’ve been a bit M.I.A lately on the blog – got a uni essay deadline this Friday and my final ever uni deadline on April 28th!

Thank you for all your comments via my blog and on Twitter where I asked what you’d all like to see covered on my blog or any questions you had. This blog post will be up on my blog shortly so keep your eyes peeled 👀 let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know or see covered…

Graduating in 2016…🎓


I just don’t want to leave uni. Not now and not for a while (or maybe ever)…

I’ve been at uni for 4 years now. (1 year art foundation course,  3 year degree course) its been my little home from home I guess (even though I’ve been living at home the whole time!)

Education wise I hated primary school, hated most of secondary school and only really enjoyed sixth form and my uni years of my life in education. Being dyslexic (and only finding out this when I was 19!) has meant writing essays and dissertations for the past few years has been difficult for someone who isn’t super academic.I picked my uni course as it was coursework assessed and didn’t require me to take any exams which has been brilliant.

My final deadline is at the end of April and I graduate in June. Then my uni is over…im hoping to get a full time job before September – well thats my aim anyway. Im looking forward to getting a full time job and getting a routine back in place again – the routine is what I will miss from uni the most I think.

I have already started making a to-do list of things to achieve over summer such as choosing books I want to read, computer software I want to master, photographing my work for my online portfolio,  working on this blog and my 21andsensory twitter more and just generally sorting out my life and getting rid of all the random crap I have piling up in my bedroom and cupboard…


Happy Mother’s Day!


It’s Mother’s Day here today in the UK so I just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day to every form of mum and carer out there! We appreciate you so much even if we don’t show it all the time! And to my mum – thank you for putting up with me no matter if I am happy or sad, having an overwhelming sensory day or not.

(Image of flowers me and my sister bought for my mum today)

ASMR…? What is that?

So I’ve had a few people this week ask me what ASMR is and why I like ASMR Youtube videos so much… 🙂

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, is a curious phenomenon. Those who experience it often characterise it as a tingling sensation in the back of the head or neck, or another part of the body, in response to some sort of sensory stimulus. That stimulus could be anything, but over the past few years, a subculture has developed around YouTube videos’ (Etchells, 2016)


I have found since I was little that I absolutely LOVE listening to baths running/filling up. I don’t know what it is about them but I find it super calming and I also get a weird tingly sensation on my head. Below are two links to my favourite bath filling ASMR Youtube videos. I listen to them before bed or when I need to listen to something in the background which isn’t music (e.g when I’m essay writing….ugh).

Bath filling & Bath running

There are also other ASMR videos like people whispering, people recording sound effects or making sounds with everyday items (e.g crumpling up paper). Have you ever heard of ASMR videos / the sensation before? Do you have a favourite type? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Loud Environments 😱


Why restaurants are hard for me to cope with:

  1. Atmospheric music. Just nope. I don’t need music to eat to.
  2. They generally involve crowded environments – think chairs squished together and travelling through a maze of them just to get to the nearest toilet.
  3. If its loud I don’t know when/ don’t get the feeling I’m full – weird I know right?
  4. I have to take loo breaks just to sit in the quiet for a bit….
  5. Loud prolonged noises are physically as well as mentally draining. Whoever I’m eating with tends to get a bit annoyed as I will zone out regularly and not hear what they are saying and I can’t think properly with loud noise so I find it hard to make conversation.
  6. I once went to a restaurant for a friends birthday which I thought would be okay because their would only be 4 of us – I get to the restaurant and it’s like a FLIPPING CLUB atmosphere inside – waiters yelling over loud reggae music and customers being misheard. NIGHTMARE. Add to the fact that there was crazy lighting meaning I couldn’t actually see what I was eating clearly (and having to eat new things) I can quite happily say I won’t be going there ever again!
  7. I have SO much trouble cutting my food up. I use my knife and fork the wrong way round anyway but I do not have any cutting skills. I look like a wally trying to cut through a pizza and struggling…
  8. I like to sit in my coat. Everyone asks me ‘why haven’t you taken your coat off yet?’ its because I’m comfortable and its like a thick layer of protection and stops people indent know brushing up too close to me. I sometimes even wear my coat indoors at home but I’m getting better at that.
  9. I can’t talk and eat that well. Its one or the other people…don’t expect both at the same time! 😂
  10. So to sum up restaurants = hard for me.

Anyone else not a fan of restaurants? Or is there one restaurant you love and always go to?Let me know in the comments below 😉

Oh by the way just in case you wondered…



Why change? 👀


Okay. So below on the left is my favourite shampoo. In the world. I find it super hard to get used to smells especially ones that linger in my hair so I prefer to stick with either a strawberry smell or a shampoo like head & shoulders which is more of a neutral smell.

What I don’t understand is why companies feel the need to change their products ‘formula’ regularly. It’s annoying. So when my mum couldn’t understand why our supermarket no longer stocked the shampoo on the left (below) we were both confused. I googled and found out that the shampoo had been repackaged and a new formula bought in…(right below)


Im better than I was with change but it’s getting used to products again which I find so difficult. This happened not that long ago with Always night pads/liners (which I prefer to use on my time of the month – I hate talking about this but feel it relates). I always liked the design of the pad and although it took some getting used to for the first time aged 16 I used them ever since. About a year or two ago the Always brand decided to scrap their current range and release a new line of pads for day, night, etc.


I quite literally freaked. Never had I experienced such a powerful overwhelming perfumey girly smell. And I could no longer buy unscented pads which to me was upsetting. Yes, I grew to live with the scent (unhappily) but what annoys me is that the people at companies like Always and Alberto Balsam don’t understand that when they change their formula or scent it really can affect people who rely on and use their products everyday.

Do you or someone you know get overwhelmed when products or formulas change? How do you cope with it? Share your stories, thoughts and ideas in the comments below ☺️

Days of the week 📝

 So this post is kinda late. But I wanted to do a post explaining how the start of the year and also certain days of the week always affects my SPD.

I hate hate hate with a passion January 1st. Every year I’ve always found it so overwhelming like its a fresh start and I always cry and get upset for the first few days in January. Before I started working part time at the weekends I used to depise Sundays. It’s not even because I’m worrying about Monday – I secretly adore Monday’s as routine kicks back in then and I can look forward to uni and structured days.

I know I’m bad when it comes to holidays but thats because it’s so much free and unstructured time. If I’m not productive I feel like I’ve wasted a day and I get quite upset and frustrated. I know it sounds quite OCD-like but I do have mild OCD that almost flares up sometimes!

Does anybody else not like a certain day or the week or time of day? How do you cope with holidays and unstructured time? Let me know in the comments below ☺️

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Thats me 😉


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