Mobiles, Technology and SPD…


I’ve come to the realisation lately that I always have my phone on silent. Like 24/7.

This can bug people.

I miss texts and calls but I literally jump if my phone makes a noise and I never EVER EVER have been able to tolerate it on ‘vibrate’. I have an iPhone and have never had the vibrate feature on and always have ‘Do not disturb’ on. My phone is usually on me, either in my pocket or a bag so it’s not like I forget my phone I just don’t like the noises of notifications (but don’t want to turn them off and miss even more!).

Even if someone else’s phone vibrates on the table next to me its enough to send my heart crazy like a surge of adrenaline releases and I have to calm down without anyone realising by slowing my breathing. As I’ve said before, and I will say it again, I’m rubbish with surprises!

This leads me on to more phone and technology related stuff…

I came across a girl I follow on Twitter talking about how she has ‘hearing motion synaesthesia’. Now I didn’t realise that hearing motion could come under synaesthesia which was the first thing I found immediately interesting… (In case you don’t know according to synaesthesia is ‘A condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualisation of a colour’.)

The girl tweeted about how she heard motion sounds when looking at GIFs on Twitter and could not control this. GIFs (if you aren’t already aware) are a type of image file that support animated image – without sound. I also struggle with this and have written in the past on this blog about how I can hear motion even from different distances. For example say I can see someone running but they are not near me they are across a park from me, I can hear a kind of pattern that relates to when their feet hit the floor.

This hearing motion type of synaesthesia can get very wearing on a person. Even if something isn’t making a noise like a GIF or people moving my brain substitutes that silence with a noise or sound that relates to any pattern it can find in the moving object. This is confusing to write about and even more confusing to try to explain to someone face-to-face…!

Do you hear motion? Or do you have synaesthesia? How do you cope? Let me know in the comments below…

My weighted blanket hire review!

So I wrote a post a while back (read it here) explaining that I was about to hire a weighted blanket from a company called Sensory Direct ( So I had been using the weighted blanket on trial for two weeks and absolutely loved the weighted blanket! I needed a new one as I still had a child sized one which would slip off me in the middle of the night. The child one I had was 2.2kg and my suggested blanket weight in relation to my body weight I discovered was now 6.0kg! So the hire blanket allowed me to trial a MUCH heavier weight on top of me.

I trialled the large adjustable weighted blanket: click here to see the blanket

The large size is the exact same size as a single bed / single duvet cover and is designed to be placed over existing bedding. The blanket is adjustable and also fully washable with interchangeable weights and is suitable for older children and adults. The weights are contained in  tamper proof pockets which means that there is an even weight distribution across the blanket. The blanket I trialled is available in six weights from 3.2kg to 9.5kg (see their guide to pick the right weight for you!)

Sensory Direct then give customers these 3 options after a trial period of 2 weeks:

  1. You decide a weighted blanket is not for you and return the blanket to Sensory Direct.  (You will be responsible for the cost of returning the weighted blanket.)
  2. You decide that you would like to purchase a weighted blanket.  They will take payment for your new blanket and get it sent out to you straight away. With your new blanket they will send a Prepaid Returns label for return of the hire blanket, so you will not be without a weight blanket at any time (which is super clever huh?).  Once they then receive the hire blanket back the rental cost will be refunded to you.
  3. If you are still undecided you can extend the hire period for £10 per week.

My hire blanket was sent with the most beautiful light greeny cover already on it (£19.95 to buy) I decided after my trial that I loved the weighted blanket they sent and the cover colour so much that I went on and bought both! (my birthday present from my kind parents).

I love the idea of trialling a weighted blanket in order to see if it’s the right weight and is comfortable for each individual and I liked the idea of not having to commit to purchasing one until I knew if I happy with it or not. My new weighted blanket was sent out SUPER quick and I am about to return my hire one with a pre-paid label in the box it came in which will be super easy!

If you would like to hire a weighted blanket click here. They also do VAT Exemption for people who are chronically sick or have a disabling condition (see their website for more details). Any questions feel free to ask me in the comments below! Also please note this is not a sponsored post at all – I just thought I would write about my experience with Sensory Direct (UK Based).

Stop, drop and roll…

I need this especially from an SPD point of view – anyone else need this too?

Im looking at getting a new weighted blanket that I can use at night time. I’ve had my current one (2.2kg) for a few years now and despite the fact that I love it, its now very old. I hate change. I hate the fact I’m going to get a different blanket and because I’m now much older the blanket should be a different (slightly heavier) weight in relation to my weight/age.

I have contacted a company called sensory direct who are super lovely people and they advised (over the phone) me to go for a 6kg blanket which is adjustable. They allow people to hire a  weighted blanket for 2 weeks to essential try-before-you-buy which is super handy. It costs £29.95 to hire it and if you decide to buy a blanket they put that money towards the cost of the blanket. It all makes a lot of sense really, even though I hate the change!

So I am about to hire a weighted blanket for the first time…keep your eyes peeled for a follow-up blog post to see how I get on! Do you use a weighted blanket or know someone that does? Which weight did you go for? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 Or if you have a question regarding weighted blankets or anything sensory feel free to ask me!

(Please note this is not a sponsored post at all – I just thought I would write about my experience with sensory direct!)

Graduating in 2016…🎓


I just don’t want to leave uni. Not now and not for a while (or maybe ever)…

I’ve been at uni for 4 years now. (1 year art foundation course,  3 year degree course) its been my little home from home I guess (even though I’ve been living at home the whole time!)

Education wise I hated primary school, hated most of secondary school and only really enjoyed sixth form and my uni years of my life in education. Being dyslexic (and only finding out this when I was 19!) has meant writing essays and dissertations for the past few years has been difficult for someone who isn’t super academic.I picked my uni course as it was coursework assessed and didn’t require me to take any exams which has been brilliant.

My final deadline is at the end of April and I graduate in June. Then my uni is over…im hoping to get a full time job before September – well thats my aim anyway. Im looking forward to getting a full time job and getting a routine back in place again – the routine is what I will miss from uni the most I think.

I have already started making a to-do list of things to achieve over summer such as choosing books I want to read, computer software I want to master, photographing my work for my online portfolio,  working on this blog and my 21andsensory twitter more and just generally sorting out my life and getting rid of all the random crap I have piling up in my bedroom and cupboard…


ASMR…? What is that?

So I’ve had a few people this week ask me what ASMR is and why I like ASMR Youtube videos so much… 🙂

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, is a curious phenomenon. Those who experience it often characterise it as a tingling sensation in the back of the head or neck, or another part of the body, in response to some sort of sensory stimulus. That stimulus could be anything, but over the past few years, a subculture has developed around YouTube videos’ (Etchells, 2016)


I have found since I was little that I absolutely LOVE listening to baths running/filling up. I don’t know what it is about them but I find it super calming and I also get a weird tingly sensation on my head. Below are two links to my favourite bath filling ASMR Youtube videos. I listen to them before bed or when I need to listen to something in the background which isn’t music (e.g when I’m essay writing….ugh).

Bath filling & Bath running

There are also other ASMR videos like people whispering, people recording sound effects or making sounds with everyday items (e.g crumpling up paper). Have you ever heard of ASMR videos / the sensation before? Do you have a favourite type? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

I’m tired 😴

Does anyone else get tired really easily? Doesn’t matter if I get up at 7am or 11.30am Im still super tired and could easily go back to bed. Im just finishing one project at uni and about to start another one the week after next. Im also researching for my dissertation at the same time – this can be quite hard juggling two things at once but I try and prioritise what needs doing and when. Im finding writing to-do lists super helpful as they clear my mind and I can visually see what needs doing and when. I’ve been more easily overwhelmed sensory-wise at the moment and it only takes something small to stress me out which is difficult. Im finding noises difficult to deal with at the moment e.g loud conversations in class, loud sudden noises, loud music, sudden fireworks outside (made me jump the other day!).

I’ve recently been put on medication to help my hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) as I’ve been having night sweats for months and I’m always super sweaty during the day for no apparent reason…hoping it will kick in and help soon!

How’s everyone else managing through October? Don’t forget if you are in the UK the clocks go back tomorrow! (Sunday 25.10.15)

Such a Clutz!

So I work as a receptionist part-time every weekend. Nothing new there. However yesterday I managed to be a complete and utter CLUTZ. ) A colleague (who’s name I’ve covered up) dropped a key in front of me whilst I was carrying two coffees which for me somehow = A CALAMITY. Read about it below I’m sure you’ll chuckle 🙂 (The blue messages are me and the grey messages are my mum!)

Yeah I know I’m special….

First Instincts…

I do love animals. They don’t judge you. For example my dog doesn’t judge me when I’m in a hyper mood and bouncing around or I’m talking to myself. He doesn’t tell me to shut up when I’m crying (although he does look at me oddly sometimes). He knows when I’m not myself and will come and sit next to me (mainly for pats) and I can approach my dog whenever, whatever and give him a quick hug and pat.

Now people…they are a different story altogether.

They judge and look at me instantly if I’m in a weird mood, if I cry and can’t help it, if I’m not myself and can’t function properly. I find people so hard to judge and I am so self conscious in front of anyone that I don’t know I go into panic mode. Also I have to constantly explain myself and my problems to every new person I meet when I can’t cope and they look at me oddly I have to explain. It’s a nightmare even telling the doctors I see about SPD nobody has ever heard of it. But animals don’t require an explain action from me. They are always there and loving and they are way wayyy more approachable and have such a care free and easy going attitude – hence why I found the image above so brilliant.

I know I have put been posting as much as I did over summer but I’m definitely going to keep blogging as regularly as possible. I’m in my third and final year at uni and the work load is just kicking in! 😉 I’m finding it a nightmare to concentrate in class at the moment as all 20 of us work in one studio and there are loads of conversations and clashing music going on 24/7. Wish I could wear my ear defenders in class like I do at home when I do my uni work. I’m not sure I could deal with the stares and questions though 😔