World Autism Acceptance Day, Week and Month.

Hi everyone. Today is World Autism Acceptance Day. Within World Autism Acceptance Week. Within World Autism Acceptance Month. (Phew that’s a lot to get your heads around!). 

It’s a time of mixed feelings for a lot of autistic people. It’s a tricky one, there has been progress due to the name change from awareness to acceptance. However I think it needs to go even further beyond acceptance. We really need greater understanding within society.

It is a yearly opportunity that comes around to raise awareness about Autism and how it affects people which is great. Many people take part in different sponsored events to raise money for charities that support autistic people and their families which is brilliant however I wish there was more of spotlight on autistic people and their voices and opinions, it’s getting there but there’s a long way to go.

To me it should be a month that celebrates and elevates autistic voices and appreciates and respects us for who we are. Things need to go further than just the month, for example I’d like to see companies that have posted about it really committing to making their workplaces more inclusive and diverse. 

Also: I’ve never been contacted so much within the space of two weeks as many people rush to get the point of view from Autistic people like myself. Which is great don’t get me wrong (overwhelming for sure) but it’s a shame it’s all based around April. Myself and many other autistic people are keen to be heard all year round.

It’s not just a month to us, it’s our lives and our everyday and more people need to understand that. It is essential to listen to and value what autistic people say about their experiences. 

Autistic creatives to support and my thoughts on Autism Awareness Week…🌏

The super lovely Lydia has written an article which she posted today on her website all about Autistic Creatives To Support This Autism Awareness Week.

Credit Emily @21andsensory

Hi everyone. Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Within World Autism Awareness Week. Within World Autism Awareness Month. (Phew that’s a lot to get your heads around!)

I’ve felt very split about doing a post centred solely around Autism Awareness Week as I am very aware of the online discussions centred around it and many people mentioning that it should be centred around acceptance and understanding rather than just ‘awareness’ of autism.

It’s a tricky one.

I love how Victoria from @actuallyasplings worded her most recent post, she honestly sums up how I feel too so I’ve pasted what her post said below:

‘This week is Autism Awareness/Acceptance Week, the one week where everyone hypes up the awareness. I’ll be honest though; we do need more awareness, but without acceptance what’s the point? I also think awareness should be all year round, not just April; and I think we should be accepted full stop. 

I’ve seen so many puzzle pieces, and so much about AS, and honestly, this is not what we want or need. What we need is appreciation, inclusivity, and support. There are so many wonderful accounts striving for change, using their activism/advocacy to break stereotypes and this is what we need. People need to listen to Autistic voices, rather than try to silence our views. We are here to educate and inform, we have the lived experience and we want people to feel like they can ask questions and learn from us.

By all means, celebrate April how you wish, but please take Autistic people into consideration. Share our accounts, our posts, and more importantly listen to what we are saying’

Victoria Ellen @actuallyaspling

Victoria did such a great job of describing how I was and still am feeling about World Autism Awareness week. Yes awareness is great but we want and deserve more as Autistic people. We really do deserve acceptance, understanding and respect.

Also just wanted to say that my latest 21andsensory Podcast episode has gone live and you can listen down below! I am uploading them every two weeks at the moment.

In this episode I speak to Glenn who is the manager of Waltham Abbey Focus which is a disability and SEN football team at the top of their game! Glenn chats about all things football-related and we discuss a documentary that’s being made about the team with the intention of raising awareness of disability football, and promoting it as an inclusive sport that can be enjoyed by everyone.