21andsensory Podcast

I run my very own podcast!Screenshot-2018-12-30-at-11.30.04

It’s called 21andsensory Podcast and is mainly me rambling about all things Sensory Processing and Autism related but also I chat to some super lovely neurodivergent people from all walks of life!

There’s currently over 70 episodes available to listen to and at the moment I release episodes every month:

My 21andsensory Podcasts

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  • I’ve spoken to some amazing guests including some fab Authors, Actors, Influencers, Illustrators, Artists, TikTokers, Educators, Activists, Writers, Speakers, Producers, YouTubers, Podcasters, Sports Teams, Researchers, Scientists and even my own family! Plus many more…

I’ve featured as a guest on these podcasts:

Would you like me to come on as a guest on your podcast?

I really love being invited to being a guest on podcasts and I am also available for speaking opportunities.

Please do bear in mind that I keep my identity anonymous online (nobody knows what I look like – which usually means if we are recording something I’ll just pop my video ‘off’ before we start!)

Drop me an email: 21andsensory@gmail.com