Current Projects / PR

Drop me an email if you have anything press or PR related: I’m always keen to get involved in new opportunities.

I currently work full-time as a Graphic Designer (in-house at a tech company) although I am open for paid freelance work and commissions every so often so feel free to drop me an email should you want me to work on something. (I will have a look at requests on a case-by-case basis and get back to you!)

Under no circumstance may you reproduce, publish or distribute elsewhere, in any medium, any of my images for commercial purposes, without proper and prior written permission from me.

Current projects I am working on:

  • ‘Sensory Street’, Dr Catherine Manning (Experimental Psychology, Oxford) Project team: Dr Brett Heasman (UCL), Becky Lyddon (Sensory Spectacle), Emily (21andsensory) see below and more info here and why not follow along with the project here: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website

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A series of illustrations commissioned by the BBC:

Teaching Autism Rebrand 2021:

Many thanks to Nikki (an autism specialist) for reaching out to me to rebrand her company!

GIPHY Gifs and Stickers:

  • I create my own 21andsensory Gifs and Stickers that can be used on Instagram (e.g. on Instagram Stories) and TikTok. Just search ’21andsensory’ wherever you get your Gifs to see my collection or have a look at them all here: (they have had over 89 million+ views!)

I worked with Tiimo (The Visual Daily Planner app:

  • I created a set of sensory icons in my signature style that users of the app can now use in their daily schedules! See the icons here

An article with the National Autistic Society (UK):

I work regularly with Becky from Sensory Spectacle on design and sensory-related work:

I have collaborated with:

I’ve been interviewed here:

I was named as one of Twinkl’s Top Autism Bloggers in 2020:

I’ve featured as a guest on these podcasts:

I really love being invited to being a guest on podcasts and I am also available for speaking opportunities. Please do bear in mind that I keep my identity anonymous online (nobody knows what I look like – which usually means if we are recording something I’ll just pop my video ‘off’ before we start!)

I am a Chewigem Affiliate! They are company who have years of experience, designing, adapting and creating a range of chewing, fidget and sensory aids for children and adults.

Check out the Chewigem website